Dive into Serenity: Luxury Villas in Sicily

If you’ve grown weary of the mundane hustle and bustle of urban life, why not take a vacation to the Italian island of Sicily?

Sicily is an enchantingly natural island, with landscapes so pure and green they feel like something from a fantasy. A Sicilian vacation will help you de-stress and reconnect with nature if you live in a big, urban city. What better way to take advantage of a rejuvenating vacation than from one of the many luxury villas in Sicily with a pool?

Why Get A Villa With A Pool In Sicily?

Villa by the pool

Vacationers headed to Sicily might consider staying at a hotel or a resort. But you should strongly consider staying at a villa, as they have several unique advantages you won’t find at larger lodging.

With a villa, you’ll get a private slice of the beautiful Italian island. Plus, since you’ll be staying in one house instead of a large building with floors upon floors of rooms, you’ll be able to catch up on much-needed “you” time.

In addition, villas come with ample space to walk around and relax. They’re located in striking, comfortable spots, such as beachfronts, grassy hills with plenty of sunlight, and mountains with memorable expansive views, so you’ll be staying somewhere amazing and serene. And, of course, with a pool included, you can make a splash and bask in the Mediterranean climate without travelling to a beach, lake, or another kind of swimming hole.

Local Sights and Splendors In Sicily

Local sights in Sicily

The best way to enjoy Sicily isn’t just from your villa. Sicily is a place of culture and offers many things to do and sights to see.

For architectural sights, you can visit Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples and see why it’s one of the most visited UNESCO sites in the world. Or, if you’d rather see one of its hidden gems, you can head down to Palmenti Wine Presses or one of the many coastal towers scattered about.

In addition, there’s always something going on in Sicily, with events from wine tastings to film festivals happening year-round. No matter when you go to Sicily, you’ll always have something to do.

Travel Information

There are many ways to get to Sicily, but if you aren’t coming from the European mainland, your options will be either by plane or a boat headed to one of the island’s numerous ports.

Sicily also has a large window for an ideal visiting time. While you can visit it anytime, the best months are between April and October. Those months typically have the best weather and the most things to do.

It’s also important to know local transportation and what kinds work best. While options like trains and taxis exist, some areas, like interior towns, are bus-only. Be sure to track down good travel operators as well. Operators like Passage To Sicily and Sicily Travelnet Private Tours have good ratings and are worth looking into.

Finally, although Sicily is one of the safer destinations for tourists, minor crimes like pickpocketing and scamming are a definite risk. Always keep a close eye on your belongings and bags.

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