Bonfire night

Bonfire Night Events in the North East

Don’t let the rain outside your window stop you, as we’re bringing you a round-up of must-visit events for Bonfire Night…

November is here and that could only mean two things. Here, at Luxe HQ, we’ve started the countdown for Christmas (of course), and for a very much anticipated Bonfire Night. The latter of which is coming in a bit sooner – this weekend!

There’s nothing quite like vibrant firework displays lighting up the night sky and the crackling of bonfires on chilly, and quite windy as of recently, November nights.

An annual event like no other, this year the North East offers an abundance of diverse celebrations, each with its own unique blend of historical significance, community spirit and entertainment.

Here are some of our top picks…

Alnwick Round Table Bonfire Night Fireworks

4 November, gates open at 6:30 pm

bonfire night

Happening at Alnwick Rugby Club, this event promises an evening of pure enchantment and family fun. Expect a mesmerising display of colour and light, perfectly synchronised with a captivating soundtrack.

All the proceeds from the event will go back into the community, so the event can happen year after year. So, grab your tickets at the gate, indulge in some street food and let the festivities begin!

Tickets for adults are £6, £4 for children and little ones under four go free. Grab yours here.


4 November, gates open at 4:15 pm

Get ready for an unforgettable night of visual entertainment at this year’s highly anticipated Pyromusical event. Set in the captivating surroundings of Bishop Auckland, experience an extraordinary fusion of music, storytelling, and breathtaking pyrotechnics that will transport you to another world.

It’s the fifth edition of this multi-sensory bonfire night event, set on a 7.5-acre stage, and it promises to be even better than last year! With safe viewing and seating available, this will be perfect for everyone, from little ones to grandparents.

Tickets are from £9, and you can grab them here.

Bonfire Night at Tynemouth Cricket Club

3 November, gates open from 5 pm

bonfire night

As the night sky of Tynemouth comes alive with cascading sparkles and breathtaking visual displays, prepare to be swept away by the magical atmosphere surrounded by your loved ones. 

But the entertainment doesn’t end there! Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering delights from local food vendors, offering an array of delicious treats and warm beverages to keep you cosy throughout the evening. Did we mention there will be fairground rides too?

Tickets are £6 and you can grab them here.

Fireworks Extravaganza

5 – 7 November, gates open at 6 pm

There’s nothing more charming or magical than Beamish Hall in the colourful autumn months. This November, Beamish Hall invites everyone to be a part of their annual fireworks event.

Expect amazing street performers, DJs and fairground rides to keep you entertained throughout the night. And if at any point you start feeling peckish, grab a few snacks from the vendors outside. 

Tickets are from £37, and you can grab them here.

The Big Blaze

4 November, gates open from 4 pm

the big blaze

Happening at Lintz Hall farm, this might just be the biggest and most anticipated bonfire night show this year. The tickets are selling so fast that the team at Lintz Hall Farm had to add an extra date to this popular event! 

This will be a family-friendly bonfire show, with activities happening both indoors and outdoors. Expect a massive firework display, lots of street food, a bar and a photo booth to capture the festivities. 

Tickets are £12, and you can grab them here.