Rural Scotland

Rural Scotland: A Must-Visit This Autumn

If you’re looking for a getaway but are no longer in the mood for a Tenerife resort, Scotland should be on your list. Find out why here

It’s autumn already. Everyone is swapping bikinis for blankets and pina coladas for pumpkin-spiced lattes. There is nowhere that epitomises this cosy feeling more than bonnie ol’ Scotland. If you’re looking for a getaway but are no longer in the mood for a Tenerife resort, Scotland should be on your list.

The Road Trips

Scotland is known for its itineraries. No, really! Have you ever heard of the North Coast 500? Everyone who visits Scotland has had it mentioned to them at least once. The beautiful views and stunning attractions of the Highlands compelled locals to create the perfect road trip itinerary – and beyond. The North Coast 500 website has dozens of itineraries that cover goal cities and what activities you want to do.

Additionally, there are road routes all over the country that cover the islands and in fact, if you fancy something in the city, there are even pre-determined routes there. In Glasgow, the most popular ones revolve around the many street art murals of the city. Venture down alleyways and under bridges to find hidden artistic gems in the city centre.

This is the perfect choice for a motorhome holiday, as you can go as far for as long as you like. Find a luxury motorhome hire Scotland vehicle and get on the road, hitting any and every road mark you fancy.

The Distilleries In Rural Scotland

It might cause a tourist to question initially, why would I want to visit a distillery? But that might be because you’re picturing a processing factory filled with tired workers. The distilleries in Scotland are very different. While that image might be of the Dairy Milk factory, our distilleries are something more akin to Willy Wonka’s factory: full of whimsy.

You’re more likely to find something more akin to a large moss-covered cottage that somehow produces whisky, especially the higher up the island you go where they seem to get smaller and smaller and the drinks only get better and better. It’s definitely an industry where the product is made with love.

If you time it right, you might visit while they are putting on an event. For example, the Fyne Ales team puts on FyneFest every year, which is a lochside beer and music festival: a must-see for any IPA fan.

The Golf Courses And Spas

Rural Scotland Golf Course

If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury on your wanderings through the highlands and islands, you can’t go wrong with one of our many golf resorts. World leaders regularly come from all over to play on, and even have bought golf courses. Each and every one of them is full of amenities like exclusive clubs, fine dining restaurants, and spa resorts inside a beautiful hotel stay.

The Hillwalking And Castles

Of course, it’s not Highlands for nothing. The most distinctive feature of Scotland is its rolling hills, which offer active hiking opportunities and gorgeous views at every level. The views are so beautiful that they’re regularly popping up in Hollywood, from Outlander to the James Bond epic Skyfall.

If the views aren’t enough, perhaps you can take the trip to see one of our many castles. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan or a history buff, you’ll love exploring the relics of these stately homes. Visit Castle Stalker, with its intimidating name on Loch Linnhe, and enjoy a tour of this reserved tower, or wander the ruins of Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven, famous for its impregnable fortress as it sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the North Sea.

Whether you approach on foot or by car, enjoy the feeling of stepping back in time as you wander the different fortresses that once held our ancestors and still hold our history.

The Secret Gems Of Rural Scotland

If you’ve been on social media lately to do some research on things to do in Scotland, no doubt you’ve come across a few influencers claiming to have found a Secret Gem. In the city that usually means a café that’s just opened up, but in the rural Scottish land that can mean almost anything. The lands are full of history and magic, and when the land is 97.8% rural, there are lots of natural gems to dig out.

A popular one is the Devil’s Pulpit, which is a beautiful waterfall hidden in a hike, where people like to take a dip. Another is the Standing Stones on Lewis or the Fairy Pools on Skye, but those are the ones everyone knows about. The magic of Scotland is that if you wander into the trees, you might find something special and hidden. So hidden, in fact, that you might not be able to ever find it again.

The Locals Of Rural Scotland

But the real attraction of rural Scotland is the banter. If you step out of the city and into a rural pub, you will soon find out how novel a newcomer is in these small towns. Everyone wants to get to know you, share a drink and a story, or maybe even a song, and make a friend for life.

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