Shaun Rankin

Grantley Hall Chef, Shaun Rankin, Wins AA Four Rosette Award

Shaun Rankin, executive head chef at Grantley Hall, received the prestigious AA Four Rosette Award at the lavish ceremony in London

Grantley Hall – a hidden jewel with a prime position on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux and PoB Hotels – is happy to announce its latest triumph. 

Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall, the establishment’s eponymous fine-dining restaurant received the prestigious AA Four Rosette Award 2023-2024. 

The lavish AA Hospitality Awards ceremony was at JW Marriott Grosvenor House In London, showcasing the epitome of excellence within the hospitality industry.

In light of this esteemed achievement, Shaun Rankin comments: “I’m delighted that Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall has been awarded the prestigious AA Four Rosette Award. This is a testament to the dedication and passion of our incredible team. It’s a reminder that excellence is not a destination, but a continuous journey of crafting unforgettable dining experiences, one plate at a time. 

We ensure our diners enjoy the most captivating, seasonal and nostalgic flavours, textures and presentation in every bite. We are deeply honoured to have our hard work recognised and are committed to maintaining our pursuit of culinary uniqueness, all while keeping sustainability at the very core of our ‘Taste of Home’ menu.”

Shaun Rankin

Inspiration behind the award-winning restaurant

A champion of sustainable, seasonal and solely British produce, Shaun has been at the forefront of British epicurean endeavours since achieving his first Michelin Star in 2005 – and has won multiple accolades over the last 17 years since. 

At the heart of Shaun’ cooking is sustainability, as he runs his restaurant in the most environmentally conscious way possible. One way he achieves this is through overseeing and nurturing his restaurant’s Kitchen Garden, which produces an abundant array of seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs – all of which play a crucial role in inspiring Shaun’s seasonal Taste of Home menu.   

Shaun Rankin’s Sustainable Menu

Shaun Rankin

Shaun and his team also source all ingredients from within a 30-mile radius from sustainable partners and farmers. The relationship with the partners, suppliers, growers and farmers is extremely important to ensure that Shaun’s vision is at the forefront.

Shaun’s Taste of Home menu is not only seriously sumptuous, but seasonal too, with all dishes showcasing each season’s freshest flavours. As Shaun and his team work on dish development every day – ensuring maximum flavour, texture and experience for diners – the menu is forever evolving, including such interesting ingredients as edible flowers, heirloom grains, unique seafood, and foraged plants and herbs.  

Alongside the seasonal and constantly evolving menu, Taste of Home is also a love letter to Shaun’s nostalgic childhood growing up in Yorkshire. Diners go on a sensorial journey through each dish, with descriptions that evoke emotions and connections to the ingredients’ origins. 

Shaun combines elements from different culinary traditions, which leads to exciting and unexpected flavour combinations. By blending techniques and ingredients from various cultures to create dishes that intrigue and delight diners, such as using the Asian technique of ‘Koji’ to preserve ingredients and creating a hazelnut based miso for a scallop dish served with hazelnut miso and black truffle.

Presentation is also key to Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall having achieved the AA Four Rosette Award, with Shaun and his team dedicated to delivering visually captivating dishes to their diners using such skills as creative plating techniques, vibrant colours, and artistic arrangements.

With all this thought and detail in the process of curating delightful bites, it’s no surprise that Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall has swooped up this honourable award. Now the only thing we need to do is head on over there to try their award-winning cuisine.