Halloween Reads

5 Thrilling Halloween Reads

Halloween reads – all of which will make your autumn season thrilling and exciting, like a dark and twisted carnival ride through the heart of October’s mysteries.

How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

Halloween ReadsBestselling author Grady Hendrix explores two siblings inheriting a haunted house, and their desperate attempts to get rid of the entities that remain inside. The novel includes traditional Halloween characters such as clowns to get you in the spirit for spooky madness. In the novel, Grady toes the line between supernatural and contemporary drama.

He paints scenes with gore and life-sized dolls, and also features an enduring familial conflict throughout the novel. This grounds the book firmly in real life, making the reader appreciate how seemingly mundane relationship turmoil can inspire feelings of discomfort and fear.

As well as being frightening, expect some surprising developments that might leave you sympathising with characters you didn’t expect to; adding heartwarming elements to the novel, making it a great autumnal read as the air gets colder.

The Haunting of Alejandra by V. Castro

Halloween ReadsThis nail-biting novel follows the inner turmoil of Alejandra as a vision of a murderous, crying mother appears to her. The novel is one of emotional discovery as Alejandra spends time in therapy where she learns about her biological mother.

The main message is one of bravery, which Alejandro must display to break the generational curse of the ghostly woman that has plagued her family mercilessly. The spirit wants to see the end of Alejandra, and all of the other women in her family, but the spirit will not win if Alejandro summons enough strength.

Grab this novel and spur Alejandro’s fight from the comfort of your own home. She will appreciate it.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Halloween ReadsIt would be an injustice not to mention Hawkins’ ‘Girl on the Train’. The mystery and darkness of this novel promises to deliver the spooky feelings you crave around Halloween. It’s grounded in realism, increasing feelings of uncertainty as the reader comes to terms with the fact that this could happen to anyone.

The novel follows a commuter (Rachel Watson) and her observations of a couple she so long deems ‘perfect’. That is, until one day, when Watson witnesses a strange event, everything changes and suddenly becomes very dark.

After the wife is announced missing, our protagonist is forced into a state of reflection. Being a true psychological thriller, you’ll be immersed in the troubled psyche of Watson as she questions her memory of what happened that day. Expect mystery, lies, a police presence and murder.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

An undisputed classic in the horror genre, Susan Hill’s ‘The Woman in Black’ is a perfect read to prepare you for the scariness of the on-screen version. The novel is one that closely follows the theme of death from the beginning to the end. Our protagonist, Arthur Kipps, is an unsuspecting solicitor who has been hired to resolve the will of Alice Drablow.

However laborious or demanding it may be to settle someone’s affairs, this was nothing compared to the blood-curdling hand Kipps was dealt in his visits to the home where he was plagued by sightings of an eerie figure dressed in black.

As the novel progresses, it becomes somewhat easier to sympathise with our antagonist, no matter how horrifying she is. This poses a psychological challenge for the reader as they witness her murderous tendencies and her sadness transforming into disturbing vengefulness.

Prepare for a tragic ending, and avoid working alone in old, isolated English houses for a while.”

The Last Word by Taylor Adams

Emma Carpenter becomes the victim of a bitter author after leaving a negative review on a horror novel, experiencing sinister events at night in her remote coastal lodging. In true metafictional fashion, the lines between reality and fiction become blurred as themes of revenge and murder begin to starkly resemble her bleak fate.

This book won the Georgia Peach Book Award, Cybil’s Young Adult Fiction, and was a New York Times Bestseller, so get cosy this autumn with The Last Word and invest yourself in Carpenter’s growing paranoia.

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