Chart House, Newcastle

Located idyllically between the Tyne and Millennium bridges that straddle the iconic river, it was hard to ignore the unparalleled view that went hand-in-hand with our table at the beautifully designed Chart House restaurant.

Not only were the views exceptional, but my friend and I were able to soak up the electric atmosphere from the Junior and Mini Great North Run taking place on the Quayside below us. However, it was easy to forget about the hustle and bustle from inside, as the tranquil atmosphere took our minds elsewhere.

Upon arrival, we headed up to the elegant second-floor dining room and were quickly offered a cold glass of prosecco, which is always welcomed! The addition of a raspberry gave it that extra fizz, to which we ‘clinked’ our glasses and revelled in the ambient surroundings.

The interior: maritime modernity

We were immediately comforted by the soft blue and white furnishings, inspired by the historic Maritime Silk Roads that link the East with the West.

The addition of lights that hang low from the ceiling and individual table lamps, gave a cosy feel that was beautifully accompanied by the large windows that made the room feel spacious and airy.

I would imagine that the restaurant transitions seamlessly from day to night thanks to the fairy lights that adorn the bannisters. 

The exposed brick wall in the mezzanine lounge of the restaurant provides a rustic atmosphere, though the tables, chairs and other furnishings perfectly maintain the contemporary theme.

Chart House: starting out strong

When it came to picking starters, we were truly spoiled for choice, though after a tough decision, I settled for the courgette fritters with beet tzatziki (£7). It was beautifully presented with a sprinkling of salt and a few sprigs of coriander, on a plate which was in keeping with the blue and white theme. 

I generally find that having a vegetarian starter is the ideal way to begin three courses, as they tend to be light enough to leave you wanting more, whilst awakening your taste buds to the delights that await. 

The crispness of the fritter was complemented by the softness of the courgette, creating the perfect balance. The accompaniment of beetroot tzatziki added a splash of colour and a refreshing taste.

Across the table, my friend tucked into the salt and pepper calamari with a garlic and chilli soy dressing (£8). The star of this dish was, of course, the calamari, which was prepared to perfection and garnished with a lemon wedge which gave a refreshing citrusy note, complementing the richness of the calamari.

The real magic of this dish was found in its flavoursome dressing, which was a blend of bold and aromatic ingredients that not only enhanced the flavour of the calamari but also added a touch of moisture, making every bite a delightful burst of contrasting textures and harmonious flavours.

Chart House: the main event

As the afternoon proceeded, we eagerly awaited our main course as we sipped on our second glasses of prosecco. 

I selected the roast chicken breast, roasted herb potatoes, tender stems, and a smoky chorizo sofrito sauce (£18), which was a hearty and flavorful dish that combined succulent chicken, crispy potatoes, fresh greens, and a bold, smoky sauce.

The crispy skin that coated the succulent chicken breast revealed a beautiful golden brown which sealed in the delicious juices and flavour. 

Accompanying the chicken was a generous portion of roast herb potatoes. The chefs perfected the fluffy interior to crispy exterior ratio, which was very pleasing.

The tender stems added freshness and a healthy touch to the dish, as well as vibrancy and a burst of natural, garden-fresh flavours that beautifully complemented the richness of the roasted chicken and potatoes.

The crowning glory of this dish was the smoky chorizo sofrito sauce, which was a symphony of flavours that combined the smokiness of chorizo sausage with the robust, tomato-based sofrito sauce. 

As my friend devoured her seared salmon with crispy herb potatoes and fennel remoulade (£20), I couldn’t help but feel envious as she celebrated every bite.

The pristine piece of salmon was expertly seared to perfection. It boasted a beautiful golden crust on the outside, providing a satisfying crunch as she cut into it. Underneath the crispy exterior, the salmon was tender and flaky, with a rich, buttery flavour that is a hallmark of well-prepared salmon.

To add a burst of freshness and complexity to the dish, the fennel remoulade provided a refreshing contrast to the richness of the seared salmon and the crispy potatoes. 

Dessert: a sweet treat

When it came to the question of “desserts?” We both looked at each other and let out a sigh as we didn’t know how we could possibly eat any more after the indulgence of the starter and main course. Though the idea of a salted caramel chocolate brownie with ice cream (£7.50) was simply too good to resist! We did however opt for sharing a dessert at the risk of overdoing it. 

The decision was well made as we unexpectedly devoured the warm brownie, which was expertly topped with a generous dollop of salted caramel ice cream. The perfect ending to a delectable meal.

Smiling service 

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a smile and attentively looked after by Soto, the assistant manager, and his team of knowledgeable staff. They were able to cater to our every need and were especially accommodating to my friend’s dietary requirements. 

As we bid farewell, they expressed their gratitude for our visit.

All in all

Chart House offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience with warm hospitality, stylish interiors and mouth-watering cuisine. It’s a fantastic place to visit whether you’re looking for an exquisite dining experience, or simply a cocktail or two. 

Be sure to check out next time you’re taking a stroll along the Quayside!