Supper Club

Luxe Supper Club: Matfen Hall

Supper Club at Matfen Hall has been a delightful event. Here, at Luxe HQ, one thing we truly adored about it was its incredible ability to bring people together. There’s nothing quite like gathering friends, raising a glass of vino, and indulging in a delectable meal. It’s a communal experience that brings us closer as humans, and when it happens in a splendid setting, the joy is multiplied.

Our recent Luxe Supper Club took place at the stunningly refurbished Matfen Hall, setting the stage for an evening filled with conviviality and uplifting vibes.

Accompanied by a select group of guests, the Luxe team settled in for a truly memorable occasion. The air was filled with animated conversations, laughter resonating throughout, and an array of unforgettable dishes that awaited us.

supper club

Supper Club: Impeccable Menu

From the get-go, it was evident that we were in capable hands. The chefs at Matfen Hall showcased their culinary skills and demonstrated their mastery in crafting menus that delight the senses. They meticulously curated an exquisite selection of thoughtfully designed dishes, resulting in a feast that exuded elegance and style from beginning to end.

Our evening started in The Cloisters Lounge where guests were welcomed with reception drinks featuring Laurent-Perrier Champagne. Accompanying the flutes filled with the effervescent bubbles were meticulously crafted canapés, bursting with flavours and textures that delighted the palate. A perfect prelude to the exceptional dining experience waiting in the wings.

Amidst the delectable canapés and lively conversations, we had the pleasure of being captivated by pre-dinner entertainment that left us spellbound. Paul Lytton, the magician, meandered around entertaining us with his tricks and illusions.

He effortlessly performed mind-boggling feats leaving us with puzzled brains. It’s an experience I think we’ll all be talking about for some time to come.

supper club

Supper club: Delicious Bites

The palate-pleasing three-course menu took us on a gastronomic journey, each dish a delightful showcase of the finest seasonal, local produce. Picture succulent cuts of British meat from the nearby countryside, aged and seasoned to perfection for utmost tenderness, alongside fresh seafood treasures hailing from the bountiful North Sea.

Every bite was accompanied by creative sides, ensuring a captivating dance of flavours on our palates. Our starters and mains unfolded within the enchanting Sapphire Suite – one of the most sought-after event spaces within the hotel.

Its tranquil ambience and breathtaking decor provides the ideal backdrop for intimate dinners, private gatherings, and delightful drinks receptions. It truly was a space that effortlessly blended glamour and sophistication.

supper club

To kick off our foodie adventure, we savoured pan-seared scallops atop a bed of pomme puree, sprinkled with Parmesan and truffle. Each mouthful exploded with an abundance of flavours, delighting our senses and leaving us craving more.

As the main attraction, we were treated to a roast rump of lamb accompanied by a pea and puy lentil jus and served alongside fondant potato. The dish showcased unpretentious flavours and vibrant colours, and when we say the lamb was the epitome of tenderness and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, we genuinely mean it.


After relishing two fabulous courses, we concluded our culinary journey on a sweet note with a pistachio and strawberry dacquoise accompanied by coconut ice cream, served in the impressive Vault Bar.

This dessert struck the ideal balance between sweetness and refreshment. The perfect palate-cleansing experience.

Not to be overshadowed, the wine pairing was a revelation in itself. Each sip perfectly complemented every bite, elevating the entire dining experience to new heights.

Before the evening drew to a close, we were treated to an exclusive tour of the remarkable wine cellar, where row upon row of exceptional vintages awaited discovery. The tour was a fitting finale, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for the intricate nuances of wine.

The whole Luxe team would like to extend a special thank you to the wonderful Sales Manager at Matfen Hall, Elain Meenaghan, for pulling together this incredible evening. To top it all off, each guest was presented with a thoughtfully curated goody bag, filled with delightful mementos and treats to cherish, serving as a token of appreciation for joining us on this remarkable gastronomic adventure.