Dosa Kitchen

Dosa – The Secret To Great North Run Success

Dosa Kitchen has become a secret weapon to finishing the Great North Run with success. Traditionally runners would eat foods such as pasta because complex carbohydrates are the first source of energy used by muscles, giving participants the fuel they need.

But Jesmond’s Dosa Kitchen – which specialises in authentic Southern Indian cuisine – has revealed it is now the first choice of many runners, particularly because of the positive benefits of eating their dosas.

What Are Dosas?

Dosas are a special pancake eaten in place of rice and bread and are packed with nutritional benefits – one of the many reasons why runners and athletes regularly visit the Osborne Road venue.

Dosa is made of rice and protein-rich black urad lentils which are fermented over an 18-hour period, resulting in a batter full of amino acids, which is then cooked on a hot griddle and can be used in place of bread, to wrap, dip and accompany other dishes.

Not only does the fermentation process aid good gut health by being easy to digest, but its carbohydrate content enables the body to feel fuller for longer and the dosa is also vegan and gluten-free.

The special offerings for the runners include a plain dosa, one stuffed with potato masala accompanied by sambhar – a traditional vegetable and lentil stew – or chicken varutha curry.

A range of chutneys and other fillings are also available, allowing the dosas to be customised to individual tastes.

Restaurant co-owner, Sudharsan Murugavel, said they were now inundated with bookings ahead of the Great North Run:

“We have always had athletes and runners visit us on a regular basis but of course this weekend – the most important running date in the North East – has made the restaurant even more popular,” he said.

“Dosas are not only delicious and a completely authentic staple of southern Indian cookery but they have many nutritional benefits.

“It’s often eaten at breakfast because it provides low release energy and, with 9mg of protein per dosa and a low-fat content it is ideal for anyone watching their weight or wanting a gluten free alternative to bread.

“We get a lot of athletes, cyclists and runners in here and they love it – they see it as a sort of healthy fuel that boosts their stamina without leaving them too full.”

The dosas form part of an extensive menu at the restaurant, which offers a huge range of authentic dishes and is much loved by celebrities such as Hairy Biker, Si King.

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