Clarins Spa

Clarins Spa: Precious Sensorial Experience

Nicole Wood heads down to try out the brand-new Precious Sensorial Experience at the Clarins Spa in John Lewis

Clarins Spa is a tranquil haven nestled within the bustling John Lewis store in Newcastle’s city centre. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘why would I want to relax and unwind in a busy department store?’, but hear me out.

While some might think (originally myself included), the noise and busy atmosphere that awaits outside of a treatment room would be a constant distraction, prohibiting you from switching off would be a ‘no,no’, I can safely say it’s anything but.

Following a busy morning, I find myself rushing into the city with anything but relaxation on my mind. But as I head through the store and make my way to the Clarins concession stand, I am greeted by a friendly member of the team who sits me down and offers me a refreshing glass of water – a welcome treat after the chaotic journey I had just encountered.

The lovely Romana comes to greet me, guiding me upstairs where we take a comfortable seat and begin to discuss the treatment and go through the required health and safety checks. The Precious Sensorial Experience is the ideal box-ticker for deep relaxation, perfect harmony and utmost luxury.

About The Clarins Spa Precious Sensorial Experience

Clarins Spa

The relaxing treatment is made up of two components, the 90-minute Precious Luxury Facial combined with benefits of an expert target back massage. The flowing energy of the massage works deeper into tension, to gently ease back muscles and encourage optimum circulation. The treatment is unlike any of Clarins’ existing treatments.

The combination of Asian ancestral techniques (Japanese Kobido techniques) with Clarins Professional Expertise targets micro tension accumulated in our muscles. The skin is constantly stimulated throughout the treatments with cold tools that help to boost skin radiance and prevent ageing.

How It Starts

Making myself comfortable on the bed, my journey to relaxation begins with an invigorating 30 minute back massage, unlocking any tension built up within my muscles. Following this half an hour of bliss, I roll over and the magic to the face begins.

Starting with a vital touch and micro tension evaluation, Romana quickly identifies that I lock my tension away within my lower cheeks and jawline. Ensuring the treatment is truly bespoke to my skin, a skin analysis is carried to make sure only the right products for my skin are used.

To ensure each and every step of the facial and the products applied work as efficiently as possible, the process starts with a double cleanse to create the perfect pre-facial canvas. Next, comes exfoliation, removing any dead skin cells, making room for a silky smooth touch.

The skin, at this point, has been worked hard and is rewarded with an energising lymphatic drainage massage using cold spoons. A refreshing touch which helps to reduce puffiness, helps tighten the skin and promotes a smoother complexion.

Next Up!

Clarins Spa

Next comes a soothing facial massage which promotes even further relaxation as well as moon mist tapotment movement which is used throughout, followed by a delicate eye massage and a décolleté massage which works to slow down signs of premature ageing, improve circulation and calm puffiness – all of the sought-after skin benefits one could want from a facial.

Allowing the skin-loving products used so far to absorb deep into the skin, the next stage involves a delightful hand massage which boosts the state of relaxation even further. Truly enjoying each moment of bliss, I find myself nodding off before the cryotherapy massage is carried out.

This massage in particular applies pressurised and condensed air to the face and neck area to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, tighten pores and even skin tone. Once again, providing all of those much-needed benefits our tired skin cries out for.

Clarins Spa: The Final Step

The following and one of the final steps within this oh-so dreamy treatment is the rejuvenating scalp massage which works wonders for my recurring headaches. Finally, it’s time for the magical formulas to be applied.

First up it’s the La Crème Yeux (15ml, £125) which is swept under the eyes using the enclosed spatula. Packed with skin-loving ingredients, this dreamy eye cream is highly effective in targeting lines, tired looking, dry, and slackened eyes.

The rest of the face is treated to the lovely La Crème Day and Night Cream (50ml, £299). Infused with moonlight flower which blooms only once per year, this intelligent extract enhances the production of FOXO protein which works to prevent oxidative stress from happening.

The powerful moonlight flower is combined with tri peptides which help to correct ageing through replenishing and rejuvenating skin texture. It’s said that this magical duo delivers age delaying technology – music to my ears.

After 120 minutes of peace and tranquility, the Clarins Spa treatment comes to an end. Provided with a refreshing glass of water and a mirror to admire Romana’s work, I’m amazed to see that after just one treatment, my skin is instantly plumped, smoothed, hydrated and absolutely glowing!

Gathering my belongings and heading for the door, I forget my surroundings when I’m transported back into the busy city centre. The Clarins Spa is a true escape from the hustle and bustle, a little slice of heaven to find a moment of calmness amongst the chaos.

120 minutes, £245