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Royal Grammar School’s Garden Party

Royal Grammar School (RGS) community recently united in celebration during the school’s much-anticipated annual Garden Party. This enchanting event extended its warm invitation to parents and Old Novos, bringing them to a delightful evening amidst the school’s picturesque grounds. It was an opportunity to revel in each other’s company and, in doing so, to rekindle cherished memories from times gone by.

The Garden Party proved to be a resounding success, bathed in the glow of a balmy summer evening. Attendees basked in the company of old friends, their hearts and minds dancing with excitement as the forthcoming exam results hung in the air, and the new school year loomed on the horizon.

A standout feature of the evening was the trip down memory lane to the RGS archive. Here, guests could peruse a treasure trove of old photographs, Novo magazines, and vintage school pocket calendars. This eager exploration served as a communal bond, reinforcing the ties that bind the RGS community and reacquainting all with the school’s illustrious history and enduring traditions.

However, the Garden Party wasn’t just a sparkling social affair; it also carried a noble purpose. The evening’s charitable endeavours were dedicated to raising funds for RGS Bursaries, providing crucial support to students who might otherwise struggle to access the benefits of private education.

The Garden Party stood as a fitting tribute to the RGS community and all it embodies. It was a joyous occasion that drew parents, students, and alumni into its warm embrace, serving as a beautiful reminder of the unique bond that unites them all.

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