Romantic Proposal Spots

Romantic Proposal Spots

Romantic Proposal Spots: Close To Home

Alnwick Garden

Romantic Proposal Spots
Photo credit: Megan Geddis, @mhgphoto_graphy

Stepping into Alnwick Garden is like entering a fairytale realm of romance. The enchanting formal gardens, intricately designed with fountains and floral wonders, create an idyllic atmosphere for your proposal.

With the sweet scent of blooming flowers and mesmerising water features playing as the soundtrack, express your love to your other half as you weave through the pathways and prepare to start your journey to happily ever after.

Roseberry Topping

Romantic Proposal Spots

This one’s for adventure-seeking couples. Perched upon this iconic hill in North York Moors, Roseberry Topping offers a stunning panoramic view symbolising the heights of love. A picturesque hike leads you to the summit, the perfect spot to ask the big question.

An intimate and adventurous moment that mirrors your journey together, ascending challenges, and reaching new heights hand-in-hand.

Kielder Observatory

Romatic Proposal Spots

Nestled amid the serene Northumberland countryside, Kielder Observatory provides the perfect blend of celestial wonder and romance. Under the blanket of a starry night sky, with constellations twinkling above, let your love story unfold like the cosmos.

It’s a dark cold night, you’re bundled up in cosy layers and as you gaze up at the stars, you surprise
your loved one with a star of their own. A proposal story that’s forever etched in the stars.

River Coquet

Romantic Proposal Spots

Meandering through the enchanting landscapes of Northumberland, the River Coquet sets the stage for a tranquil and intimate proposal. Hire a private boat or stroll along the riverside, while the gentle flow of the river mirrors the steady current of your love.

Find a secluded spot on the riverbank, where the rustling leaves provide a soothing soundtrack to your heartfelt proposal. Your love, like the river, flows unendingly, and this serene setting will create a memory of love’s gentle embrace.

High Force Waterfall

Romatic Proposal Spots

With the rugged beauty of the Durham Dales as its backdrop, High Force Waterfall roars with majestic power, creating a symbol of your enduring love. Hike together along the scenic trails, following the path of the river as it nears the mighty cascade.

When you reach the picture-perfect waterfall, stand on the viewing platform and declare your love with the force of nature itself as witness, ensuring your proposal is as powerful and everlasting as the water- fall’s cascading beauty.

Romantic Proposal Spots: Across The Globe

Central Park, New York

Romantic Proposal Spots

In the heart of the big apple, Central Park offers an oasis of tranquillity where an abundance of romance awaits at every turn. Take a leisurely stroll through the park’s botanical landscapes, before finding a secluded spot to pop the big question.

As the city’s skyline glimmers in the distance, we’re certain there’s only one answer. Hire a musician to serenade you both or plan a surprise picnic to make this moment in the park truly unforgettable.

Venice, Italy

Timeless beauty is the unique selling point when it comes to this drop-dead gorgeous destination. Picture this, you take a romantic gondola ride with the stunning Venetian architecture and the gentle lapping of water surrounding you… dream proposal!

Let Venice become a stage where love’s story unfolds like a classic Italian romance.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia’s surreal landscape, with its fairy-tale-like chimneys and hot air balloons drifting at sunrise, create a magical setting for a proposal. A private hot air balloon ride at dawn is guaranteed to set the scene.

As you soar above the sky, it’s time to start your journey to forever. With the morning sun casting a warm glow over the land, your love takes flight, setting the tone for a new chapter in your lives together.


The Maldives provide a dreamy setting with clear waters, white beaches, and luxurious overwater bungalows, ideal for a private proposal. With plenty of romantic moments awaiting and swoon-worthy spots to choose from, it’s a winning destination.

When it comes to celebrating afterwards? This paradise of love is the perfect place to be!

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