Close House Golf Club to host International Series England

Close House Golf Club is scheduled to host one of the prestigious tournaments of the International Series England this August. Nicole Wood chats to Lee Westwood and Sir Graham Wylie about the upcoming competition…

August is set to be an exciting month for golf enthusiasts as Close House Golf Club prepares to host one of the prestigious tournaments of the International Series England, solidifying its position among the world’s top golfing destinations.

As the fifth stop on The International Series in 2023, this US$2 million tournament is scheduled to take place from 17 – 20 August, promising an exhilarating display of skill and talent.

Last summer, the International Series England made its inaugural appearance in the same region, leaving an indelible mark on the golfing landscape.

This event was a significant milestone for both the International Series and the Asian Tour, as it marked the first time the Tour had organised a competition in the United Kingdom.

The International Series, a visionary project launched last year with a historic investment by LIV Golf, aims to cultivate the next generation of golfing stars while providing unprecedented pathways to top-level competition within the LIV Golf League.

Close House Golf Course

This groundbreaking initiative, integrated into the Asian Tour schedule, featured seven International Series events across seven countries on three continents, during the previous season. The resounding success of this premier level of events has solidified the International Series as a prominent platform for nurturing talent and fostering excellence in the world of golf.

It comes as no surprise that Close House has been chosen as one of the prestigious venues for this year’s highly anticipated International Series England. With its remarkable rise to prominence in recent years, Close House has become a sought-after destination for both professional and amateur golfers.

The course’s undeniable allure lies not only in its challenging design and breathtaking surroundings, but also in the warm hospitality and support of the local community, as acclaimed professional golfer Lee Westwood attests.

As one of the most distinguished players in the world, Lee Westwood has a personal connection with Close House that spans over a decade: “I have been attached with Close House for 12 years, I opened the course with Sir Graham Wylie at the time when I was World number one,” Lee proudly declares.

With such a rich history, Lee’s fondness for Close House is evident, and he eagerly anticipates having such a prestigious tournament take place at his home course: “I am looking forward to having a World Class field of golfers, visiting and playing at my home course,” Lee says.

Close House: Lee Westwood & Sir Graham Wylie

“I am keen to see how they handle it and for them to experience the great support the local community always brings to sporting events in the North East.”

The warm embrace of the North East community is known far and wide, and sporting events held in this region are no exception. The passionate spectators and unwavering support they provide create an electric atmosphere that will certainly add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

“Although the course is relatively new, it has matured so quickly into a top class Championship course, and is a great walk round with it being set in beautiful countryside,” explains Lee.

The scenic splendour of the Northumbrian countryside envelops the course, creating a serene backdrop that enhances the golfing experience for players and spectators alike.

Lee, a true connoisseur of the game, frequently practises at Close House when he returns home. He notes: “I visit Close House whenever I am home, and I always see that everyone enjoys their time there.”

This testament speaks volumes about the welcoming environment that permeates the club. Be it visiting golfers, members, or the local community, all receive a warm and inviting welcome at Close House, thanks to the dedicated and professional staff who ensure every visit is exceptional.

“The course’s elevation changes making it a very challenging one, and it often gets a little breezy in the Northumbrian countryside,” explains Lee as he discusses the challenges that lie ahead for players.

Close House’s undulating fairways and greens require precision and strategic thinking, testing the skills of even the most seasoned golfers. The potential for tough pin positions during the tournament further adds to the course’s reputation as a true test of golfing prowess.

As the tournament draws near, Lee eagerly awaits the opportunity for his fellow Tour Players to experience the warmth and hospitality that Close House and its surrounding community offer.

“All the staff are so professional, and I can’t wait for my fellow Tour Players to experience the warmth and hospitality of Close House,” Westwood remarks.

“It’s a great regional event as the North East is sports mad and other than football, we don’t get a large number of events coming to the region on this scale. The tournament will bring a lot of golfers to Close House and showcase the region as a great place to visit,” says Sir Graham Wylie as he expresses his excitement for the upcoming tournament.

With the fusion of an exceptional Championship course, breathtaking scenery, and the unwavering support of the North East, Close House Golf Club is poised to create lasting memories for players and spectators alike during this August’s International Series tournament.

To buy tickets to the event, visit: seetickets.com/internationalseriesenglandclosehouse