Halman Thompson

Bespoke Creations with Halman Thompson

Halman Thompson is a business focused on crafting stunning bars, worktops, tables and more using bespoke pieces of distressed, aged or brushed copper and brass.

We chat to owners – Sara Halman and Josh Thompson about their business, inspiration behind it and more.

Tell us about Halman Thompson…

During lockdown we saw a gap in the market for a brand specialising in creating bespoke products out of aged brass and copper. We developed several unique finishes through various methods of ageing and polishing the metals.

Our first products were bespoke splashbacks, feature walls and unique pieces of wall art. We now have a full fabrication team capable of a wide variety of pieces including bar tops, worktops and table tops, and coffee tables for both residential and commercial projects.

The name Halman Thompson is each of our surnames and our children’s surname and we thought it would be a perfect fit as not only are we married but we are 50/50 business partners.

What was the inspiration behind Halman Thompson?

We are always looking for opportunities that would let us focus on our combined strengths of digital marketing, brand building and creativity. Identifying and developing products that are not only beautiful and unique, but satisfy a gap in the market is very exciting for us both.

We actively drive the daily evolution of opportunities and uses for our project, with a strong focus on establishing the Halman Thompson brand.”

Are there any particular projects you’re proud of?

Halman Thompson is only two years old, but we have already been involved in some fabulous projects, namely the design and manufacturing of the G7 tables used in Cornwall in 2021 and most recently a bar top for the newly renovated Duchy of Cornwall Garden Centre, which was officially opened by Queen Camilla in May 2023.

Tell us about the services you offer at Halman Thompson…

We offer luxury non-ferrous metal fabrication anything from table and bar tops to splashbacks and kick plates. We are in the process of launching our own Halman Thompson coffee table range. With a view to adding a full range of dining tables and bar tops by the end of the year.

Where do you source your materials from?

We source non-ferrous metal from all over the world but the majority comes from British manufacturers. We then cut and age the metal in-house and treat it with a range of different finishes. All to protect and preserve the finish and enhance the durability of our pieces.

Walk us through the process of bringing a design to life…

We work closely with each of our customers to design and develop the ideal piece for their project. Each of our finishes is natural and unique, and we have a great deal of control over the final look.

So whether you are looking for a rustic piece for a period style kitchen, or a bright polished shiny piece for a modern home bar, we have the ideal finish.

What inspires you?

Seeing the results of our work inspires us. We take inspiration from fabulous metal projects around the world coupled with visions in our imagination.

Seeing our initial idea transform into a finished project is immensely satisfying. Witnessing the customer’s love for their creation inspires us to pursue our passion with unwavering dedication

What would you say the ‘on trend’ look is in the world of interiors at the moment?

Mixing metals. Gone are the days of sticking to one finish. Blending finishes creates a stunning and personalised look.