The Best Destinations in France for Luxury Getaways

Nestled along the edge of Western Europe, France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, luring travellers seeking romance and luxury. Its delectable cuisine, sumptuous wine, and exuberant nature make it a suitable destination for those seeking a more upscale holiday experience. If you want to dive into the glitz and glamour of the country, here are the best destinations in France for luxury getaways.

1. Nice

Nice is a fabulous coastal city known for its stunning architecture, rich history and culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking landscape. If you’re looking for a destination in France for luxury getaways, Nice should be on top of your list.

History lovers will find historical sights to explore, from the magnificent Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice to the world-famous Musée Matisse. Meanwhile, if you prefer a relaxed holiday, you can lounge at beautiful beaches with clear blue waters. For a relaxing walk, head to the picturesque Promenade des Anglais, a 7-km-long path along a gorgeous coastline.

2. The Loire Valley 

Famous for its exquisite wines and sophisticated cities, the Loire Valley is the perfect destination for a luxury getaway in France. One of the best ways to explore this French region is to go on a cruise. You can enjoy river cruises around France, with some of the best options in the Loire.

A cruise through the Loire Valley is an excellent way to discover French history and explore France’s unspoiled and scenic landscapes, passing along majestic chateaux with magnificent gardens. Soak up the spectacular views as you indulge in delectable wine.

3. Brittany

Brittany is a fascinating French region rich in culture and history. Boasting spectacular rugged coastlines, ancient thick forests, and medieval towns, it’s one of the best destinations in France for luxury getaways.

Check out the charming walled city of Saint-Malo and spend some time strolling through its expansive beach. Discover the Carnac Alignments, considered the world’s largest megalithic complex.

4. Courchevel 

Courchevel lies in south-eastern France, regarded as one of the country’s best destinations for a ski holiday. You will find several luxury ski chalets in Courchevel, ideal for those seeking a lavish break in France.

Courchevel’s altitude and favourable location in the French Alps have contributed to its excellent snow conditions, attracting skiers of all levels. It regularly receives better snow conditions than those in the lower altitude.

5. Dordogne

Famous for its charming ancient villages, UNESCO-listed cave paintings, and romantic landscapes, Dordogne is one of France’s best destinations for a luxury getaway. You will find plenty of charming villages to explore in the region, such as Beynac-et-Cazenac, Sarlat-la-Cadenat, and Rocamadour. One of the best ways to admire Dordogne’s stunning landscapes is on a hot air balloon ride.

Dordogne is also famous for its magnificent chateaux, such as Chateau de Beynac, Château des Milandes, and Chateau de Castelnaud. Many of these chateaux feature spectacular views of the valley. Visit Dordogne’s charming medieval villages, many of which sit on a hill overlooking the river and featuring stunning countryside views.

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