5 Luxury Family Getaways Guaranteed to Impress the Kids

Kids can be hard to please. So, when it comes to family getaways, choose a destination that will delight even the pickiest of your child. From skiing in Switzerland to a safari in Tanzania and cruising in the Galapagos, here’s a list of luxury family getaways guaranteed to impress the kids.

1. Skiing in Switzerland

Skiing with your kids in Switzerland is a fantastic experience they cannot resist. Many Swiss ski resorts are remote, accessible by cable car or train, making them wonderfully tranquil while still offering plenty to do for kids of all ages. 

If you want to put your kids in ski school while you ski on the more advanced slopes, choose a medium-sized luxury ski resort offering a variety of terrains. But it’s not only for the little ones learning to ski on easy slopes. Adventurous teens will find epic terrain parks to satisfy their craving for adventures.

2. A Trip to Walt Disney World in Florida

There’s a reason why Walt Disney World is considered one of the world’s best theme parks. It’s an incredible place with plenty of room for excitement, adventure, and fantasy, something your kids will surely love. Of course, it also caters to adults. 

A holiday to Walt Disney World Florida will catapult you back to a carefree childhood while experiencing that priceless feeling of seeing your kids having fun and experiencing the carefree childhood we want for them.

3. Safari in Tanzania

Safari in Tanzania is fast becoming a growing trend for family holidays, especially for those with curious little kids who want to see their favourite animals in the wild. It’s also a chance for them to learn more about animals. An expert wildlife ranger will join you on your luxury safari adventure, where kids can learn about African wildlife as they see them in their natural habitat. 

Seeing fascinating creatures in the wild is an experience your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. There’s nothing quite incredible as witnessing your kids’ excitement upon spotting hippos bathing in the river and hearing lions roar.

4. F1 in Singapore

Taking your kids to the F1 race in Singapore is an incredible opportunity to introduce them to the exhilarating motorsport. They will learn how the race works and experience the thrill of seeing vehicles racing at fast speeds. While you can get tickets for F1 races in various places worldwide, seeing the race in Singapore is even more enjoyable.

Singapore may be a tiny country, but it offers numerous things to see and do for everyone, including families with kids. After the race, you can spend the day in Universal Studios, experience Night Safari in a nocturnal zoo, or wander around the stunning Gardens by the Bay.

5. Cruising in the Galapagos

Cruising the Galapagos is guaranteed to impress your kids. Besides, who doesn’t like seeing fascinating wildlife species up close? On your luxury Galapagos cruise, you’ll visit several islands home to incredible wildlife like giant tortoises, marine iguanas, sea lions, and penguins.

Your kids will also have a chance to enjoy fun activities during your cruise, such as snorkelling with colourful fish, sea lions, and marine iguanas. A certified naturalist guide will join you to share insights about the Galapagos, which means your kids will learn many things at the end of your trip.

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