5 Dog-Friendly Ways to Travel the UK 

Go on a Road Trip

If you’ve ever wanted to take your dog on a road trip, there’s no better place than the UK. This country has some of the most scenic roads, taking you to quaint seaside towns, stunning landscapes, and fantastic dog-friendly days out. Your dog will surely be happy sniffing new scents and frolicking alongside you in new places.

Driving around North Yorkshire is the best place for a road trip with your dogs in the UK. North Yorkshire is one of the country’s most dog-friendly places, with beaches allowing your furry friends to visit at certain times of the year.

Enjoy a Glamping Break 

Glamping has become an increasingly popular outdoor activity in the UK. The best part is that you can find several great dog-friendly glamping locations around the UK, allowing you and your dog to spend the night in some of the country’s most stunning areas.

Before you head for your trip, take the time to research the glamping sites that will allow you to bring your pets. Call or send them an email if you can’t find any information. The last thing you want is to travel far with your pet and not be able to stay because they are not dog friendly.

Try Wild Camping

Consider wild camping if you can’t find a suitable glamping site that welcomes dogs. It simply means camping in the wild – an exciting way to explore the great outdoors and enjoy activities like hiking with your pet. Some of the most incredible places to go wild camping in the UK are the Lake District, Peak District, and Snowdonia.

Remember, wild camping can mean just you and your dog sleeping in a tent out in the wilderness, so be sure you come prepared. Pack all the essentials and thoroughly research the place you intend to camp.

Try a Canal Cruise 

You can find some great canal cruises throughout the UK, allowing you to unwind and spend quality time with your four-legged friend while soaking up the stunning scenery along the UK’s tranquil waterways. Enjoy fun activities during your journey, from taking scenic hikes along the countryside to visiting dog-friendly restaurants and pubs. 

Every day is a new adventure as you explore the UK’s scenic waterways on a canal cruise. A great option is to try the Llangollen boat hire, a scenic route in Wales. However, you can set your itinerary and explore at your own pace. And with over 4,000 miles of canals to explore, you will find something new to discover with your dog.

Stay in Dog-friendly Hotels

Another fun way to bond with your pup is to stay in a dog-friendly hotel. Since the UK is one of the world’s most dog-friendly countries, it’s not hard to find hotels that accept well-behaved dogs with open arms. 

Some of the best dog-friendly hotels in the UK have dog amenities, such as a comfortable bed, water bowls, and treats. You will also find hotels with restaurants allowing your dog to sit with you during meals.

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