Luxe Lowdown Nicola Mercer

The Luxe Lowdown: Nicola Mercer

Nicola Mercer, transformational health coach, podcaster and speaker, chats about her luxe things in life.



Nicola Mercer


Transformational Health Coach

Where Is home?


Three reasons you love where you live?

Firstly, I have the most amazing view from the back of my house and can see the Angel of the North from my home office window.

Secondly, I am in a fab spot to easily get to the coast, the countryside, into Sunderland where I have a lot of friends and family, and into Newcastle for shopping, drinks and nice meals.

And finally,I can easily get out and about for lots of different walks right on my doorstep.



What do you do for a living?

I’m a Transformational Health Coach supporting female entrepreneurs and those working in corporate positions to unwrap what health really means so they can build sustainable healthy habits into their life.

All in all it’s about teaching these things so they can live the happy, fulfilled and thriving life they feel like they’re striving so hard, but failing to achieve, right now.

I founded my business, Life Now Coaching, in 2021 following 20 years working for Nike where I learned all about the importance of movement and mindset for healthy living.

I now use these within my core framework alongside nutrition, sleep and stress to help people get back in control of their lives by creating a healthier lifestyle.

A day in the life of Nicola Mercer?

Nicola MercerWhat I’ve enjoyed most since stepping into the entrepreneur world is that no two days are ever the same! And, the best bit, is that I get to choose how each day goes.

I start every day with hot water and freshly squeezed lemon. This is my longest daily habit and I do it wherever I am, even on holiday.

I take a short walk whilst listening to a podcast. I’m an avid podcast fan, so you’ll see me doing whatever I can inside and outside of the house wearing my AirPods.

Getting outdoors first thing really helps to boost my mood and focus so I start my day in a strong way.

I tend to check out social media first, as a huge piece of my marketing is done using social media. Usually put out my daily post, check for comments on my recent posts, and message and connect with people in my community.

I recently launched a podcast so I might do some prep for an upcoming recording. That includes checking out info on a guest and planning out questions to ask them. The recording takes around one hour and I love doing the guest interview episodes.

I’ve met so many fascinating and inspiring people, so I love how it’s helping me before it gets published and helps others.

Most days include some kind of networking, either online or in-person. I’ve found both formats to be of value and I’ve built some great relationships with people based all over the world.

I like to do my workouts at lunchtime, so I’ll pop down into my home gym – the garage – and maybe do a spin session, a HIIT workout, or some strength training with weights.

I love sharing my workouts on my Instagram stories because I am super driven to get everyone moving their bodies more. Even if it’s only by taking some extra steps while they’re waiting for the kettle to boil!

Then it’s coaching time using Zoom. This could be with an individual client or in a group either as a support-type session or a bit more structured like a workshop.

I usually work on an evening after dinner with my daughter and partner, taking part in training or coaching sessions, so most weekdays I tend to finish work around 9 pm.

Any recent, ongoing or upcoming projects or achievements we should know about?

I launched the Live Healthy Now podcast in October and the response has been incredible. I’m very proud of the content I’m putting out there. Also of the fact I was able to work out how to do all of the tech, as I started from scratch and am not great with tech whatsoever!

The podcast strips back what health and wellness is about to give people the truth about why taking care of themselves is so important to leading a long, happy life.

We share insights into all the different ways you can take better care of yourself. So you can find what works best for you and get actionable tips on how to get started right now.

What does downtime mean to you?

I love getting outside for long walks. I enjoy the coast and walking along the beach when the tide is out, but am equally happy doing a country walk. This would definitely be followed by a nice pub lunch and a glass of red wine.



What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I started out wanting to be a teacher and decided to pull out of my uni place last minute and swap into business. I did some volunteering work at a local primary school in my last year at college and quickly decided that spending the rest of my life in a school wasn’t for me.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Things change and often, what appears to be something that’s going to derail you sends you onto a much better track in the end.

You need to see the journey, and not always have to know the exact destination, which can be difficult when something big shifts and you just want the security back of knowing where you’re going.

What is your greatest fear?

Dying. I struggled with this fear for many, many years and finally realised I was so scared of dying that I wasn’t really living. Now I want to make sure I take good care of myself to enjoy the time I have as I value life so much more and share how important it is that we live our life to the fullest.



What is top of your bucket list?

Standing on Main Street in Magic Kingdom, Disney World Florida on Christmas Day, and of course, wearing my Minnie ears!

What is your most treasured possession?

My Mam’s wedding ring.

What does the weekend mean to Nicola Mercer?

Time to create new memories with the ones I love spending my time with.

The last place you ate?

The Red Lion at Boldon.

The last thing you listened to? 

A podcast episode with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Mark Hyman – Feel Better, Live More – was such an insightful and thought-provoking episode.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

Such a tough question! Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella. She really helped me to see a way forward to a better life through wellness and alongside Joe Wicks, propelled me to see the value of health in living the life you dream of.

She is such an advocate for entrepreneurship and building something that adds value to your own and others’ lives, and wellness in a way that we haven’t really seen here in the UK before.

A memorable holiday?

My last one – a summer break in Palma sightseeing and enjoying the sunshine.

Best dress?

My little black and gold dress comes out every Christmas Day for a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Who would be your top three dinner guests?

Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Mel Robbins.

The last thing you watched?

Pieces of her.

The last book you read?

The High Five Habit, Mel Robbins.

Your three luxe things in life?

Travel – a combination of sun, sightseeing and culture. Downtime in my own home, cooking something nice while chatting and sipping my rosé! Sipping my favourite glass of champagne looking out onto a nice view.

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