The Harmonic Egg

The Harmonic Egg

The Harmonic Egg is the latest and greatest innovation in the world of well-being. As June approaches, here at Luxe HQ we keep World Wellbeing Week in mind and there is no better time than now to experience a different way of relaxation.

If you’ve been a Luxe reader for some time now, you might have noticed me throwing myself into the world of wellness. When I was diagnosed with an unpredictable chronic illness in 2020, my life was turned upside down. Both physically and mentally, everything changed.

Being on aggressive medication can be scary, but I’m fully aware of the important role it plays. However, one thing I’ve promised myself, is that I’m going to do whatever it takes to make myself feel better. Whether that’s physically or mentally – if an opportunity presents itself, I’m diving headfirst in.

I’ve tried and tested many forms of well-being programmes. Most of which come with science-backed evidence, including the likes of forest bathing, cold water swimming, yoga and now energy therapy.

While I know, none of these will cure me, I’ve loved how every single one of them made me feel and I’m willing to give them a go. To help relax, calm and look after my mind.

What Is The Harmonic Egg?

When I first came across The Harmonic Egg, I truthfully hadn’t heard of it before. To find out it was the only one of its kind in the region – and only one of three in the country, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Harmonic EggSo what is it? The Harmonic Egg is a new and innovative, next-generation sound and light chamber. During a session, you’ll climb inside and rest within the large interior in a comfortable, reclining zero gravity chair, eliminating the need to lie flat.

When you are reclined, light frequency, vibration, and sound work together to create a blend of energy. All to stimulate your autonomic system to reorganise and promote balance back into the body.

The egg’s sound technology has been refined to allow for the purest sound quality. The music played is a curated collection. Great consideration is given to the right tones, instruments and frequencies.

Located within the Grade II Listed Bruce Building on Percy Street in Newcastle, you will stumble upon this new, innovative, energy-healing practice. I arrive at my appointment, a little sceptical about what to expect and am greeted with a warm welcome from owner Claire Grabham.

Already in awe at the beautiful building, myself and Claire head into her quiet waiting room where we slouch back into the comfy sofas and begin putting the world to rights. Instantly made to feel at ease, we begin chatting as though we’ve been friends for years.

I fill Claire in on what’s been going on recently and equally, she shares her story in return, telling me how and why she decided to bring The Harmonic Egg to Newcastle. She then goes on to explain how in today’s society we find ourselves living in fight or flight mode.

Stepping Into The Harmonic Egg

Our bodies are tense, surrounded by stress and we never really allow ourselves the time to fully relax and unwind. Because we’ve become so accustomed to this way of living, for many of us, our minds have been programmed to go straight into thinking the worst-case scenario.

Claire’s example of this is pointed out when I state ‘the pain I was feeling over the weekend, I just know I’m going to end up back in hospital’. She explains this is my body holding on to past trauma, automatically tying a specific feeling to a past experience and instantly, as the words leave her mouth, I know she’s correct.

The time comes to slip off my shoes, remove my jewellery and head through to the spacious area in the room next door. Home of The Harmonic Egg. Before climbing in, Claire provides me with a basket of blankets, asking me to pick one based on touch.

A soft, fluffy and oh-so-cosy blanket is my selection of choice. I sit back into the chair and Claire tilts me back to a comfortable position. The zero gravity chair gives the illusion that you’re upside down. But actually, your feet are just in balance with your heart.

Once comfy and checking I’m okay, Claire begins to explain what will happen next. She shows me the location of a button to press if I need her and asks me what I want from the egg. Feeling a little silly at first, I ask if the egg can help to make me feel calm, to switch off the negativity and allow my brain to feel rested.

My Take

Following an energy healing prayer, Claire speaks my request into the universe before closing the door and leaving me to embrace my experience. Once the door closes, the music begins to play and the vibrations and lights start to come into action. I find myself too intrigued to shut my eyes.

After a couple of minutes of scoping out my surroundings, I find myself drifting into a slumber of peace. Now I don’t want to make any claims or appear as though I belong in cuckoo land, but I can honestly say, I’ve never experienced anything quite like this.

At some point during the 55 minutes, I find my hands coming up to my cheeks, feeling the warm tears streaming down my face. Not quite feeling sad, I’m unaware as to why this is happening. But remain relaxed and embrace the experience.

The bell from outside rings before the doors open and what was almost an hour long feels as though it’s been around 20 minutes. I realise I must have zoned out completely, so much so that I didn’t even realise when the music stopped playing for the last 10 minutes of relaxation.

Feeling the most relaxed I’ve ever been, my body feels weightless as I move back to my comfy spot on the sofa in the next room. With a switched-off mind too relaxed to talk, Claire provides me with an electrolyte drink to enjoy before indulging in our next inspiring conversation.

A Unique Experience

When the time comes, I explain to Claire what happened inside of the egg, to which she responded:

“That’s completely normal. It’s likely emotions are from your past. Each and every person has a different experience in the egg. Some fall straight asleep, some have weird and wonderful experiences and for others, nothing bizarre happens, they just simply enjoy 55 minutes of bliss.”

Amazed and simply in awe of how the whole experience has made me feel, I book my next appointment, before heading home ready to curl up on the sofa. Each and every part of my body, including my very busy, overthinking brain, feels completely zen.

Following several hours of this state of bliss, I notice my brain come to life. Not in a negative, overactive manner, but in a creative, ideas-flowing kind of way. Our health is a wonderful thing and how we take care of that is going to differ hugely from one person to the next.

If you’re looking for pain relief or medical resolutions, while the science is there, I can’t comfortably recommend. However, if you’re looking to press pause, completely unwind and slip into a state of relaxation like no other, then I can’t recommend enough.