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The Cost of Renting A Private Jet

The world economy is in a much better position in the middle of 2023 as compared to one or two years ago. Even though there are still some struggles in specific industries, nations, in general, are experiencing a return to high levels of tourism.

Whether you are planning a trip to another part of Europe or further away, you may be considering taking a private jet charter for the journey. There are many advantages to flying private, such as having the ultimate privacy of no one other than your friends, family, or co-workers.

You can also experience a level of luxury that is not present on commercial flights, even if you travel in first class. If you are ready to pamper yourself for an upcoming trip, here is our guide regarding the cost of renting a private jet in 2023.


Flying Private Is A Big Deal

A lot of people wonder whether flying private is worthwhile when they are going on a trip or planning a business trip. What you must ask yourself is whether a certain level of luxury and convenience is worth the potential costs.

If you are taking a vacation with your family, flying private would make a lot of sense. You may have several kids, while you may also be travelling with extended family for this vacation.

Having a group of seven or eight people can get very expensive on commercial flights, not to mention inconvenient. Flying private is a much more relaxing experience.

For business purposes, flying private is all about saving time and having a comfortable flight. You would not have to take the time to go through security, while many smaller airports that allow for private jet takeoffs are faster to reach than commercial airports such as Heathrow Airport or Gatwick.


Per Hour Expenses

A huge advantage of flying private, compared to going commercial, is that you are paying a fixed fee to rent the entire aircraft for a specified time.

For instance, you may want to fly from London to Glasgow and then take the return journey in a week. You would not have to pay for each seat that you are renting on the private jet, but a fee for the whole plane for several hours for each trip.

The range of private jet charters can range from £2,000 per hour to £5,000 per hour, depending on several factors. The size of the jet that you are renting, how far you are travelling, when you are making the booking, and the company you use will all impact the price of renting a private jet.


Is Charting A Jet Worthwhile?

Looking at the numbers above may lead you to think that such an expense would be too much for you. There is no denying that charting a private jet is exclusive and luxurious.

Those who do have the means, or are travelling in a very large group, may want to consider the private route. As mentioned earlier, massive families or friend groups travelling together can incur a lot of costs when each person has to pay for a plane ticket.

In comparison to each person having to buy a ticket, paying for a private jet charter may come out to a similar sum of money.

Aside from the cost, you also have to consider the experience. If you are only paying £1,000 more over both legs of the journey for the private jet charter, as compared to buying many commercial tickets, then going private makes sense. 


Experience A New Way Of Flying

The first time you enter a private jet, you will think to yourself that you should have chartered one a lot sooner.

People assume that a private jet is just a smaller plane, but that is an oversimplification. The layout of these smaller planes is usually very expansive, ensuring you have so much space to put things in front of you when you sit on your seat.

There is also the advantage of having the crew pamper you with drinks and snacks throughout the journey.

All in all, you are in for an incredible and enjoyable experience if you charter a private jet in the UK in 2023. So this mode of transportation is definitely worth considering, especially if you are planning a big family holiday this summer.

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