Kitchen Triangle

What Is A Kitchen Triangle – An Expert Guide

The kitchen is the room where all the magic happens. It is frequently visited by all family members, so spending time in this space, one desires an interior that is visually pleasing, practical and features premium kitchen elements. As a result, many people begin searching for various options to enhance the overall design.

While building the perfect interior in the kitchen, many people encounter different terms. One of them is the triangle kitchen rule. Since it has been around for over 80 years, it seems to many that it is already atavism and we need to look for more modern approaches to interior design.

However, even years later, a kitchen triangle, when done right, will create the right atmosphere. If you trust the process, the harmony will follow. In the end, you will get a modern, practical interior at an affordable price.


Kitchen Triangle


What is the purpose of a kitchen work triangle?

Today, a lot of designers use the triangle kitchen principle to design this room. At the time of its greatest popularity, this principle was formed to achieve the following goals:

  • the money’s economy;
  • practicality;
  • maximum efficiency in the use of kitchen furniture;
  • visual appeal.

Designers have long seen the potential in such an idea. Thanks to it, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of interior items and not impair the visual aesthetics of the kitchen. But over the years, more and more items for the kitchen began to appear, bringing the kitchen triangle system to its relevancy.

The main idea of the kitchen design with the triangle was the free separation of the three working areas throughout the kitchen. We are talking about burners, oven, and sink. They were placed separately, but with quick access to each other. As a result, the hostess was in the center between them and had quick one-step access to each of the surfaces.

That’s why this design is so appealing to hostesses. They simply move along the small islands and they always have any kitchen item at their fingertips. This significantly reduces the time spent moving around during cooking. And achieving this comfort is the main goal of the working kitchen triangle. 


Kitchen Triangle


How the kitchen working triangle is created

For the kitchen layout to be comfortable, it is necessary to take into account all the rules of the kitchen triangle. The main rule of such a triangle is the parameters of the zones. All the tops should not be closer to each other than 120 cm, but no further than 270 cm. As a result, you will be able to balance between the zones in a maximum of 2 steps.

As you can see, the kitchen needs to be divided into appropriate zones. You will find a bin and various items for cleaning vegetables in the cleaning zone. Meanwhile, in the washing area – a dishwasher and a place to dry the dishes.

Between the stove and the sink, there should be a work surface of at least 60 cm in length. Even if it’s not exactly in the parameters, this way you can reach the stove in one step if you were cooking, and something had to be urgently cut up.

It is important to understand that such distances are needed for the perfect kitchen triangle. In most cases, the kitchen area may not be a standard square, but an elongated one.

It is best to measure the kitchen area in advance. This will help you form the right triangle and not run into trouble when directly installing the zones.


Kitchen Triangle


Does the kitchen triangle work with an island?

A lot of new and exciting kitchen appliances have appeared since this concept was created and that might lead you to think that it is no longer possible to use triangles in the kitchen, but that is wrong. This is particularly relevant to the new areas in the kitchen called islands. Visually, it may seem that such an island destroys the concept, when it reality it works together quite well.

Your interior kitchen triangle with an island is an opportunity to implement ideas. The appearance of additional surfaces allows you to place some components of the triangle on the island. As a result, the triangle will have a small corner, which can become a preparatory area. Some people began to call the kitchen triangle with the island a rhombus because of the addition of another corner.

You can see that the kitchen island complements this concept. The main thing to understand is that the rule of 3 corners is not inviolable. With its help, you can experiment and create new trends in the formation of the interior of your kitchen. 


What Are New Layouts To Consider Outside Of The Kitchen Work Triangle?

Your apartment or house may not have the most standard layout. Because of this, the kitchen comes in all shapes and sizes. When thinking about your own interior design in the kitchen, do not forget that there are many additional concepts.

For example, many people create kitchen studios that come with a designated area for work. This needs to be taken into consideration to make sure that the furniture is comfortable for sitting and working.

The main factor in the formation of any interior is the proper distribution of free space. So when thinking about an alternative, distribute all the space correctly and decide exactly what you plan to do in the chosen part of the kitchen.

The answers to these questions will help you correctly create the interior in the kitchen and distribution of it by zones.

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