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Why You Need To Know About JUNI Jewellery

Jewellery tells us a lot about a person.

It’s an accessory we wear as an extension of our personality.

Often attached with sentimental value, it is frequently presented as a gift we give to or receive from the people we love.

Whether it’s dressing your night out attire with bold statement pieces, draping an elegant set of earrings to coincide with a classic updo, or staple pieces you wear every day, it’s something we consider carefully.

Obsessed with jewellery since being a child, Emily-Kate Turner hit a point in her life where her childhood dream and modern day passion had the opportunity to transform into something more.

“JUNI was born in lockdown. Prior to the pandemic, I had my own cake making business which was always extremely busy – especially with wedding cakes. As you can imagine, when lockdown hit, I had to press pause on the business. Despite my Instagram page booming, there was no wedding business coming in,” Emily explains.


JUNI Jewellery
Emily-Kate Turner


“It was a nightmare. I said to my partner, I just need to find something else to do, otherwise I’m going to crumble. I needed something else to focus on and keep my mind off what was happening with my cake business.

“I was obsessed with jewellery from a young age. I’ve always thought about making my own and then something hit me and I thought ‘ooo hang on, what a great time to try and make something of my own’. At first, it was honestly just about trying it out and making myself some nice, new pieces.

“My sister was actually pregnant at the time and I thought it would be a really nice idea to make her something special for when she gave birth. After making a couple of pieces, I thought, ‘I’m actually quite good at this, I could probably sell it’,” Emily laughs.

After her ‘lightbulb moment’, Emily was determined to put a plan in place to get things up and running. Within two months, her launch date was in the diary and that first Christmas was nothing but a huge success for Emily and JUNI.

In a competitive market, where unfortunately fast fashion continues to dominate, JUNI stands out from the crowd, offering stunning, bespoke, handmade jewellery.

“I pride myself on knowing I have an authentic brand. It’s just me, myself and I – and I love that because each and every item I create for someone is so personal. When people ask ‘oh who designed it?’ or ‘where do you get it imported from?’, I don’t, it’s all me. I make and design everything.

“Every order that comes through, I sit at my little desk in my studio and make and polish it all by hand. Nothing is made in bulk – everything is bespoke, so there’s always a four day minimum lead time,” says Emily.


JUNI Jewellery


“It’s all a learning experience. Admittedly, YouTube became my best friend. We all have to start somewhere and it was great for figuring out what tools I needed and which were best. I spent some money getting all of the essential equipment, things like the soldering mat, the ridiculous number of files, the blow torch – I still have my first one! But also little things like getting to know you need a slow cooker to pickle your jewellery after soldering!

“I started in silver and always use solid materials, never plated or filled. I then went into working with gold. I’m a gold girl – I wear it myself and I just love it – but it’s a lot more expensive to work with. I certainly wasn’t going to delve into using it until I knew I was actually good at making jewellery!

“I have lots of different suppliers for the different materials I need, all of which I have done my research on to ensure it’s all as sustainable as possible. All of the silver and gold is recycled and all of the packaging is eco-friendly.”

With the world and people’s shopping habits shifting back into old patterns, a lot of lockdown businesses have gradually started to experience a slower pace of business and JUNI is no exception.

“About a year ago when JUNI was one, I got myself down thinking it did so well at first and now things are getting quiet, but then I gave myself a bit of a break and thought, ‘well I design, source and make everything by hand myself as well as run a cake business, I can’t turn things around as quickly as other businesses’, but that’s because everything is completely bespoke.

“When someone orders something, I don’t always have the materials in, I’ll order them based on what the order is and that’s the way I want it to be. It allows everything to feel organic and special, and the customer knows their order isn’t just sitting on a shelf – it is being created for them.”


JUNI Jewellery


As well as running her cake business, which is back up and running, Emily’s one woman band is super busy. From designing, creating and processing every order herself, to managing the website, social media and the admin side of the business. Busy indeed, but she never falls short of passion and enthusiasm for doing what she loves.

“I like to try and create designs based on a person or sentiment close to my heart. One of my first designs, The Harry Halo, has been created with my nephew in mind. For many reasons, Harry is so special to us and we now have this special piece of jewellery to celebrate him coming into this world,” explains Emily as we delve into the inspiration behind her designs and meanings behind the names.

“I want every piece to have a meaning behind it, but it starts to get really difficult when you run out of names and lovely stories,” she laughs.

“Even though I now live in Northumberland, which I absolutely adore, I was actually born in Norway. That’s where the name JUNI comes from – it means June in Norwegian, and given that’s my birth month, I wanted to tie that in. I’m not Norwegian, I have lived in England for most of my life, but I love the fact that I was born in Norway.

“The Femi earrings, which I wear all the time, are a nod to self-love. Femi means love in Egyptian – so again, I chose the name because I thought you’ve got to have self-love on you every day.

“I love researching the names – that’s one of my favourite parts about creating a new design. They vary so much. For example, Maya, which is the dangly earring, I had no idea what to call it and in my head they almost look like waterfalls. After doing some research, I found that in Hebrew, Spanish and Greek, Maya means water and it’s another word for illusion – and to me that was perfect.

“The Elana necklace was based on my mum’s engagement ring. I’ve always loved it and I wanted to make something that was for my mum but also something that others would love too.


JUNI Jewellery


“The name Elana is actually Greek origin for ‘bright one’ – no matter what mood I’m in, even if I am intolerable, my mum always tries to brighten my day and I wanted something to represent that and give something back to her. The solitaire, down to the exact same sizing, is identical to the one on her ring. I wanted to make something to match what I’ve known my whole life.

“It’s hard to describe where the inspiration comes from for the actual designs, sometimes I just see a vision in my head and think, ‘okay how do I make that into a piece of jewellery?’. I get my sketchbook out, jot it down and 90% of the time, the design looks nothing like what I end up creating.

“It either works or it doesn’t, I’ve made countless designs where I’ve thought, ‘wow, no!’ and it takes a lot of trial and error, and I’ve learned to never ever try something in gold before you’ve tried it in silver first otherwise it will cost you a fortune!

“I get a lot of people telling me that their grandmother was called Mavis so they bought themselves the Mavis earrings and that really hits me. On several occasions, I’ve had grandmothers looking to buy something for their granddaughter and they’ll buy something because it’s named after them, but then they’ll be like, ‘oh but now my other granddaughter is left out because her name is Sophia’ – or whatever it might be – and so I have the flexibility to make something specifically for them too.

“If I can, I’ll always find a way. One thing I do stress a lot on my Instagram and I’m happy to encourage is that I do make custom orders. If someone says to me ‘I love this, but I wanted it in silver or I love this, but I would love some pearls added’ then I will always do it.”



Despite keeping her two businesses very separate, they do share an authentic, creative journey. One providing stunning cakes for happy couples and the other donning beautiful brides and bridesmaids with bespoke jewellery.

Without trying, JUNI fitted ever so seamlessly within the wedding industry, it just made sense for Emily to create a special wedding section within the business.

“Weddings are definitely my next big project. I do quite a lot of wedding bands already, which I absolutely love doing. But I want to create a separate section on my website for weddings and be able to show the rings on there. I don’t do any men’s products at the moment, so my partner is going to have to reluctantly be my hand model for the bands,” Emily laughs.

“Because I don’t have anywhere for people to come and meet me, I send a package to the couple including the finger measurer with a bit of an information pack, which comes in a beautifully presented box, so that they can feel that they’re getting the same, if not better, experience as visiting a shop.

“It’s kitted out with information about the different materials and with important information a lot of people aren’t aware of – for example, if you’re wearing platinum you should not be wearing white gold or silver next to it. As well as the information and ring sizing pack, there are lots of phone consultations along the way and even once an order is placed, I’m still heavily involved to ensure that any changes or adjustments are made if necessary.


JUNI Jewellery


“I want to make the whole experience really personal for them rather than ‘nope you’ve made that decision, that’s what you’re getting’. I’m not about that.

“There are lots of interesting details which can be added to make it more meaningful. Engraving has been lost in wedding bands and I want to bring it back. I remember all of my grandparents, aunties and uncles having dates and initials engraved on the inside and now you just don’t seem to see that anymore, but it’s something I absolutely offer. It also means it can’t get lost and be sold as it’s personal and unique to you.”

Whether it’s a bespoke piece for yourself, a gift for a loved one or you’re about to tie the knot, the lovely Emily is on hand to help; providing beautiful and unique jewellery with JUNI.