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How To Look After Your Pets Health

It may not be the most glamorous part of owning a pet, but understanding parasites is really important for the health of both your pet and family.

With such a wide range of products available it can quickly become very confusing.

The level of risk your pet faces depends on their lifestyle – a young, inquisitive dog who scavenges will be a higher risk than an elderly, indoor cat.

For those with significant risk, prevention is better than cure. Parasites include fleas, ticks, roundworm, tapeworm and lungworm.

Doorstep VetThere is a wide range of products available, from ‘over the counter’ to ‘prescription-only’ products that are only available from a vet.

Vet-prescribed products usually use newer drugs or combinations of drugs, which allow them to cover a wider range of parasites than older, over-the-counter products. Many will provide treatment/prevention against fleas, ticks and worms in one go.

There’s a huge variation in how effective parasite products are. For a flea product to be effective, it has to both kill fleas quickly and continue to work until the next dose is due.

Some over-the-counter products fail on one or both counts, leaving animals exposed to reinfection and frustration for owners.

Lungworm is a parasite which affects dogs and can be fatal. It is usually picked up by licking or eating slugs and snails. Some prescription-only products will prevent lungworm and protect your pet – over-the-counter products will not.

Roundworm can affect both dogs and cats and can be a health hazard to humans, especially young children who may be exposed to faeces through play.

Regular treatment for roundworm is an important part of responsible pet ownership, especially if you have children at home.


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