Echelon EX-3 Connect Bike

Echelon EX-3 Connect Bike

This winter, we’ve been introduced to the world of Echelon – a fitness brand bringing workouts to the home with ease – and we wanted to share the EX-3 Connect Bike with you, as the perfect January pick-me-up for fitness fanatics

After an easy set up with minimal mess, the Echelon EX-3 stands proudly in our ‘home gym’. All you need is power and a subscription to the Echelon Fit app, and you’re good to go.

With thousands of live and on-demand classes available, from HIIT workouts using weights, to cruises through the city or countryside, there’s something to suit all fitness preferences. All from the comfort of your own spin studio.

Many of the HIIT classes are categorised into music genres. So, whether it’s 90s dance tunes, rock ‘n’ roll classics or cheesy pop that gets you moving, you’re spoilt for choice and you’re guaranteed good times while you work out.

With live leaderboards, distance tracking, speed and output data, you can make a note of your progress after every ride and get as competitive as you like – all while riding solo in your own home.

Challenge yourself against other Echelon riders or take yourself on a solo ride somewhere scenic.

The EX-3 is sleek, stylish and benefits from a small footprint, so space isn’t a big issue, wherever you’d like to set up your home gym. It strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and modern design.

Plus, it’s adjustable features means it can adapt to your body to ensure you’re in the optimal position for classes.

The beauty of having an Echelon in your home, for me anyway, is you’re on the bike and halfway through a class before you’ve even had chance to talk yourself out of getting dressed and hitting the gym.

You’re not restricted with timetables or traffic – all you need to do is grab your trainers and your A-game, and you’re good to go!