The history behind Chloe bags

Discovering The History Of The Chloé Brand

Chloé brand is one of the fashion houses in France that revolutionised the fashion business as early as the 1950s.

The unique style of fashion it introduced made Chloé Fashion House a popular choice for fashionists with high taste in quality. Most of their designs were inspired to provide luxury and uniqueness. 

Chloé was started by a young fashion designer called Gaby Aghion. It looked like the typical French fashion house, but the difference was in the high quality of its designs and fabrics.

Let’s delve into how Chloé became everyone’s favourite brand after so many years.


Ladies bags designed by ChloeThe history of Chloe brand

Precisely, Chloé was established by Gaby Aghion in 1953. Gaby Aghion was born in Egypt, where she obtained an education in political science.

In 1945, Gaby and her husband moved to Paris. At the time, Gaby had no job and told her husband of her plans to own a fashion label.

Her husband, Jacques Lenoir, was supportive and handled the business side of the fashion house. Aghion focused on providing the mystique of youthfulness and femininity that their designs are known for today.

Aghion chose the name of the fashion in 1952, and it was dedicated to a friend. Meanwhile, Chloé had their first fashion show in 1956 at Café de Flore. Chloe’s first fashion was a hit, and the brand started flourishing soon after.


The exciting stuff

As a luxury fashion house, Chloé focuses on luxury and free-spirited feminist clothing. No doubt, Chloé changed the way women dressed. Check out some exciting things about Chloé you may not know:

  • Fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld started their journey at Chloé. Another notable designer that became a superstar after working with Chloé is Stella McCartney.
  • Chloé was the first to invent padlocked bags and sold 8000 pieces of them before even hitting the stores.
  • Aghion was the first female French designer to start the concept of luxury and ready-to-wear pieces for women. It’s a symbol of youth and feminity worldwide. Nowadays, Chloé bags for women are available online too. You can buy Chloé bag for women by Printemps via an only order.

Chloe is famous for its landmark achievements. More so, the fashion house creates a frantic effort to appoint executives with the founder’s vision.

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