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Behind The Scenes With West Barn Co

Based in the heart of Durham’s industrial landscape, West Barn Co is a company that focuses on creating high quality, cruelty free and effective brow and skin prep products for professional makeup artists.

Born out of a passion for organic skincare and a noticeable gap in the market, both women poured their abundance of knowledge, experience and creativity into building a brand that’s not only loved region-wide, but is used and adored worldwide.

Since launching, the business has gone from strength to strength, creating a storm in the beauty world and building up quite the reputation.

“We are proud to be stocked in prestigious stores like Harrods, Liberty London and Urban Outfitters, and our products have graced the brows of celebrities including Billie Eilish, Zendaya, Becky Hill, Kendall Jenner and many more,” says Kim.


West Barn Co


“It took a lot of hard work to get to where we are today. In 2016, I was working as a professional make-up artist on an editorial photoshoot for a magazine and wanted to create something completely different to the Instagram brow trend at the time; to create a brushed up, fluffy, natural brow.

“Frustrated that none of the brow products in my kit would hold the look, I was inspired by the old Hollywood trick of using soap to keep the brows in place, but I was extremely reluctant to put hand soap on my client’s face,” she laughs.

“During this time, my mam Donna had taken an interest in organic skincare and formulation, producing samples for friends and family members delivered in a brown paper bag. I asked her if it was possible to create a product similar to soap but that was suitable to wear on the face, particularly around the eyes.

“Never one to shy away from a challenge – I think that’s where I get my determination from – she set to work formulating a small tin of brow soap, and little did we know that it would completely change the game,” continues Kim.

“Soap Brows was born, and being home to the original brow soap product, with it came opportunities we didn’t think were possible. We spent all of our money on small aluminium tins and spent hours painstakingly hand pouring each product,”
explains Donna.

News of Soap Brows exploded on social media. As it gathered momentum, Donna and Kim knew they needed more hands-on deck.

“In June 2018, we took on our first member of staff. Back then we were working from a small office in my house. We were sending out tons of orders to an ever-growing customer base which went on to include professional make-up artists who were working on tv and film, red carpet, editorial and fashion shoots. It was surreal but amazing to see our little brand turn into such a success,” Donna continues.

Amazed and inspired by the increasing demand of the original Soap Brows, the ladies turned their attention to expanding their offering and decided to take on the challenge of adding skin prep to their range.

“We are incredibly proud of our products and how they are made,” they both agree.

“The quality of ingredients is hugely important to us, and it took a lot of research to find the right suppliers.

“We were very keen to check environmental and sustainability policies before signing up to do business with any company. From formulating and training, to optimising processes and manufacturing, our in-house team can do it all and more.

“We’re so proud to present a product to the market where we can honestly say we use the best of the best and that we keep our impact on the environment as minimal as possible.

“When it comes to skin prep, our aim is to create skin-feeding products that will help skin be at its very best. From our carefully sourced active ingredients to our personal handmade processes, our skin prep products are designed not only to care for your skin, but to actively improve it.”


West Barn Co


After only five years, the business continued to expand and a bigger space was needed which saw them recently move into an impressive HQ in Durham.

The office space, with 11,000 sq ft, houses 27 staff members who formulate, design, manufacture, box and label, market and distribute to over 60 countries around the world and it even has its very own onsite lab.

Part of the big move was the introduction of the West Barn Co Clinic. A place where beauty, skincare, wellness and relaxation are all combined into one.

“The clinic was always a long-term goal. We found the perfect space when we recently moved; and we now have the ability to offer our clients everything from brows, facials and massages, to fine line treatments, fillers and more. We do our treatments a little differently from other salons.

“We offer something we call ‘journeys’. It’s so important to take time out for yourself consistently, so we’ve created a concept where you proactively invest in your skin and wellness by working with our therapists to create a journey to the most confident you.” explains Kim.

“We have a huge new space where wellness is going to continue to be paramount for our team, and as well as the clinic, we have lots of new and exciting products launching in 2022.

“Our Soap Brows family is now complete with the introduction of our Gel Brows – they’re the last piece of the jigsaw. We have some exciting big stores in America which we will be launching in, as well as a few other countries worldwide. We hope to continue to grow and share our wealth of knowledge on brows and skincare,” says Kim.

Whether it’s testing out the latest must-have beauty products, indulging in a dreamy treatment or two, or starting on your very own bespoke ‘journey’, West Barn Co are our skincare saviours. We can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo come up with next.


A bespoke journey to the most confident you >>

West Barn Co’s six step process to uncover each individual’s skin aspirations and goals, using a range of professional treatments to boost your confidence and overall feeling of wellness…

1. Skincare

You will have an appointment with a therapist where you will be asked to bring in any skincare products you currently use. Establishing goals will help to tweak and tailor your skincare routine and set you on the right path.

2. Surface

Looking at the surface of your skin and your aspirations for its appearance, the team can use a mixture of HydraFacials, chemical peels and derma-planing to soften the skin and create a natural, healthy glow.

3. Going below the surface

If you have any scarring, dehydration spots, hyperpigmentation, acne or other skin conditions, the team can review these and look to treat them with micro needling, skin boosters, deeper chemical peels and Profhilo.

4. Speaking holistically

West Barn Co are renowned for looking at the bigger picture, so they will take into account factors like your lifestyle and occupation before recommending treatments like the WBCo Facial, reflexology, and full body massage to promote relaxation for your body and brain.

5. Structure

As time goes on, your face changes due to loss of fat and bone which can affect confidence in some people. The team can look at these areas and if it is something you would like to change, they can use a range of fine line treatments, micro needling and dermal fillers to tweak the structure of the face.

6. Maintenance

This is where a review is carried out of the final results and a maintenance plan is created to keep you feeling as confident as you look. A 12 month bespoke journey starts from £700. Starting on a journey grants you as a WBCo member which gives you a 20% discount on any further treatments.