Cast of Blood Brothers at Sunderland Empire
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Blood Brothers At Sunderland Empire

When we heard Blood Brothers was touring and making a special stop in Sunderland, we had to bag ourselves tickets.

If you don’t already know, Blood Brothers tells the captivating and moving tale of twins separated at birth, who grow up on the opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with tragic consequences.

When Mrs Johnstone, a young mother, is deserted by her husband and left to her own devices to provide for seven hungry children she takes a job as a housekeeper in order to make ends meet.

It is not long before her brittle world crashes around her when she discovers herself to be pregnant yet again – this time with twins. This actually became a laugh-out-loud moment in the show when the actor playing the milkman becomes her gynaecologist – the cast made a joke referencing this and the whole crowd roared with laughter.

Humour aside, in a moment of weakness and desperation, Mrs Johnstone enters a secret pact with her employer which leads inexorably to the show’s shattering climax.

With many twists and turns throughout the plot of the show, you’re guaranteed to be left on the edge of your seat with goosebumps on your arms and tears in your eyes.

The whole cast take on their roles effortlessly. Each and every performance is captivating.

Niki Colwell Evans and Sean Jones, continue in the iconic roles of Mrs Johnstone and Mickey Johnstone respectively.

Joining the cast for the Autumn tour are Jay Worley (Eddie), Richard Munday (Narrator) and Timothy Lucas (Sammy). They will join previous cast members; Paula Tappenden (Mrs Lyons), Tim Churchill (Mr Lyons), Carly Burns (Linda), Nick Wilkes (Policeman/Teacher), Josh Capper (Neighbour), Grace Galloway (Donna Marie/Miss Jones), Melissa Potts (Brenda), Andy Owens (Perkins) and Jacob Yolland (Bus Conductor).

The superb score includes A Bright New Day,  Marilyn Monroe  and the emotionally charged hit Tell Me It’s Not True. A shiver is sent down the spine as the last song echoes out throughout the theatre – an impeccable performance by the full cast.

Written by award-winning playwright Willy Russell, few musicals have been received with such acclaim as the multi-award-winning Blood Brothers. It was an outstanding production, a must-watch for any theatre lover.


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