H.E Sports

Everything you need to know about H.E Sports – the North East’s latest fashion brand inspired by iconic midcentury pieces

Having relocated to the North East, Gregory Farmer, a former Creative Director in London, is taking the region’s fashion scene by storm after creating H.E Sports; a menswear brand inspired by mid-century fashion that is quickly gathering a reputation for expressing creative excellence and outstanding craftsmanship.

We caught up with Greg to find out more about H.E Sports, his inspiration, the meticulous process of creation and his plans for the future…


Where did the enthusiasm for fashion begin?

I’ve always been obsessed with my own style. A few years back, I used to wear 3-button suits to art school, so I guess you could say I was taking it very seriously by then!

Fashion for me has always been about using the past as inspiration to produce bespoke pieces that I envision. I like to think of myself as a style obsessive rather than a fashion enthusiast.


Tell us about your time in London…

I worked for the man for a good while before I created H.E Sports. I was the Creative Director of a menswear brand called Brutus.

It was my favourite brand growing up, and they made shirts and denim in the 1960s that I wore religiously around the streets of London.

It was quite incredible to work for the brand that I loved so much as a kid, and the role was a real education and put me on the path to doing my own thing. It was an incredible experience.


What’s the story behind H.E Sports?

I started H.E Sports in lockdown. I found myself (like many others) slipping into the world of vests and joggers during the height of the pandemic.

I’ve always taken so much pride in what I wear and feel good about it. 90% of my wardrobe is heavily focused on 1960s Brit Sub, which is very slim in and pretty uncomfortable when it comes to lounging around a flat in South London.

To battle this, I made a shirt and a collection called the Home Edition was born. It went down well, so we gave it its own label – H.E Sports.


Can you pinpoint a definitive moment that proved to be the inspiration/creation of H.E Sports?

There was a moment, and then there was the realisation that I could start producing pieces that I had had in my head forever.

I pretty much had a collection in my head ready to go and the special piece from that collection was called Pab’s Pique.


Do you think H.E Sports combines elements/influences from your time and experiences in the fashion industry?

Absolutely. After leaving Brutus, I wanted to make a superior product to what was currently on the market.

Brands nowadays aren’t interested in creating in the UK, and I was very keen that H.E Sports items were made in Britain.

H.E Sports started (as many small businesses do) as a passion project – making top clobber, well made from well-sourced material, for kind-hearted people.


How is H.E Sports different from other menswear brands?

There’s a lot about H.E Sports that allows us to stand out. Our collections aren’t led by trends, and we make garments that come straight from the head and are produced by the heart.

I sought after the best in the business for the making of the collections, and the finished products you see on the backs of our customers are made by exceptional seamstresses and designers.

The pieces are cut by people who have 40+ years in the business, and our cloth is sourced from Italy and our linen from

A sense of meticulous detail seems to be at the forefront of HE Sports.


What other defining features are evident?

Yes, I’m a total obsessive when it comes to H.E Sports. It’s an exceptionally well-crafted product that is the result of a huge amount of creative thought and craftsmanship.


Tell us about the work that goes on to create a H.E Sports Towelling Shirt…

A lot of sampling and a lot of time spent wearing it. I wore the towelling shirts for a good year, well over a year before anyone got to try one.

It was untouched ground for me, and although my heart wanted to launch ASAP, I had to refrain and continue to perfect the minute details.

We went against the grain with the material too. Major brands are making towel shirts from polyester, cotton, and bamboo samples. For H.E Sports, we went for longer hair, and it’s a great feature, and we get so much great feedback about it.

The buttons are made from corozo nuts made in Wiltshire. The pieces themselves are cut and sewn in London. All our pieces are made in small batches, numbered and dated.


Which other items are your favourite?

The H.E Sports Shirt is quite special. It was our first piece, and the inspiration for this started as a 1960s BB shirt. We gave it a locker loop, a button on the back of the collar, French seams, and MoP buttons, to name a few features.


What is the inspiration behind H.E Sports’ 22 collections? Are there any particular themes or aesthetics that have inspired you?

Spring/Summer 2022 is all about moving to the coast. It’s a collection that is hugely centred around towelling shirts. The goal is always to create authentic mid-century-focused pieces that are super wearable and functional.


What’s next for H.E Sports?

We’ve got some exciting stuff in the pipeline. There’s a lovely packable smock that we’ve been developing, and I’m really looking forward to releasing that.

Moving forward, I’m looking forward to working with like-minded people and other small businesses here in the North East.

The region is so rich with talent, passion, and know-how. Moving production to the North East is something I’m keen to push forward with over the next few months, and I’ve been scouting retail spaces over by the coast, so I’ll look forward to welcoming people to H.E Sports’ very own brick-and-mortar store.

A fabulous, local affair that is quickly gaining a stellar reputation for its wonderful menswear pieces inspired by timeless fashion, check out H.E Sports online at: Facebook: facebook.com/H.ESportswear Instagram: instagram.com/h.esportswear Website: hesports.co.uk