Book-to-screen adaptation

Books That Have Been Adapted For TV and Film in 2022


Where the Crawdads Sing


Book-to-screen adaptation


This coming-of-age story was released by Delia Owens in 2018 and instantly became a massive hit.

The story follows Kya, a young woman who is forced to live alone in the marshes of the deep South after facing some family struggles.

When Kya becomes the lead suspect for the murder of a man she was once romantically involved with, she is put to the ultimate test and must fight for freedom.

The film, starring Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones, is out now!



Bullet Train


Book-to-screen adaptation


Calling all fans of fast-paced narratives. The movie version of Bullet Train by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka hit the screens this summer.

With a star-studded cast including Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and Joey King, the story follows five assassins on a bullet train from Tokyo to Morioka, who come to realise that their missions are intertwined with one another, resulting in a lot of action taking place on the ride through the Japanese capital.



Everything I Know About Love


Book-to-screen adaptation


Based on Dolly Alderton’s best-selling memoir Everything I Know About Love, this new show is set back in 2012 and will follow childhood best friends Birdy and Maggie in a London house-share.

Split into seven parts, the TV series, starring Emma Appleton and Bel Powley, showcases what life is like as a millennial, taking us through friendship, love, heartbreak and above all – finding peace within yourself.



Mr Malcolm’s List


Book-to-screen adaptation


This new motion picture, inspired by Suzanne Allain’s novel, stars Divergent actor Theo James. An escapist love story, the narrative follows Mr Malcolm on his search to find a loving wife who meets his long list of criteria.

The novel gives us likeable characters, humour and a gripping storyline – and we’re certain the film version, directed by Emma Holly Jones, will hit the spot.


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