Why We Should Value Our Outdoor Living Space

There’s so many reasons to get your outdoor living space in tip-top shape this summer…
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We rarely give as much love to our outdoor living space as we do inside our homes. The garden is often an afterthought when building a haven for our family. Unless you’re a keen gardener, most people don’t enjoy mowing the lawn or weeding the beds. 

However, by not caring for our garden, we deny ourselves another ‘room’ in our house and another place where we can create memories with our loved ones. The truth is that our gardens cannot become an outdoor living space until they are liveable within. Therefore, it is important to give as much time to your personal green space as you do your living room!

There’s so many reasons for taking care of this space. Some of these will hit you in the heart, and some will hit you in your pocket. These reasons to value our outdoor space will inspire you to throw on those gardening gloves and get pruning! 


Add a room to your home


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There’s a trend in the interior design world where you create a room that leads into your garden, bringing  your garden indoors. Basically, this garden room is filled with plants and lots of light and forms a connection between the indoors and outdoors. 

To make the most of this strategy, you should also bring some of the indoors outdoors. In other words, you should design an area with garden furniture where you can chill and relax, as you could inside. This patio area could even include a barbecue or fire pit and be the place where you cook and eat together. Creating additional socialising space in your garden is great for parties, inviting friends over to sit late into the summer evening with a beer or two. Absolute bliss! 


It will increase the value of your home


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Your outdoor space can massively influence home buyers. Firstly, it is the thing that creates those early impressions that are almost impossible to shift. An untidy front garden does not provide the kerb appeal required to sell a property and could wipe a good deal from the amount they are willing to offer for the home.

Equally, a poorly maintained back garden can give the impression of a poorly maintained home in general, putting off your potential buyer. Your garden can be where you plant the seed of the desired lifestyle in the buyer’s mind. Using this strategy will encourage them to make an offer quicker and more likely close to the asking price. An untidy garden puts a barrier in their mind, as they consider the work you are leaving them to do.


For the good of your mental and physical wellbeing


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Your garden is your connection to nature, and a connection to nature helps us stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. The more time we spend outdoors, listening to the sounds of wildlife and taking in the greenery, the less stressed we will feel. One of the founding principles of mindfulness is the connection of our senses to our environment. Being outside allows us to see different colours and experience different textures, sounds and smells. It literally eases our autonomic nervous system, so we feel less on edge.

Maintaining your garden is also good for your physical health too! There are many calories to be burned by mowing the lawn and digging over a bed or border. Getting out every few days in the garden can be as good as going to the gym and a whole lot cheaper!

Do not underestimate the value of this place to sit with friends, either. Getting outdoors and talking without the distractions of technology is a great way to bond and create a community that will keep you happier in general. 


You are doing your bit for the environment


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Your garden could easily be your contribution to easing some of the concerns of the environment. Growing your food in your garden, for instance, can reduce the food miles your family accrue and can reduce reliance on industrial farming methods. Not only does this sustainable living filter more of the carbon from the air, but it also offers you tastier and more nutritious meals. At the time of rising supermarket costs, it will save you some money too.

Also, you can nurture your outdoor space to be a haven for wildlife. You can encourage birds, amphibians, and small mammals into your garden with the right food, water, and shelter. Taking simple measures such as a bird table and a pond can provide a vital boost to the local natural world!

So get out there and make your outdoor living space a thing of beauty this summer! 

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