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TV Chef’s Educational Cookery Workshops Come To North East

TV Chef and MasterChef contestant Matei Baran is bringing his famous Big Chef, Mini Chef to Sunderland this summer, with his educational cookery workshops for kids taking place on selected Monday’s during the six-week holidays.

Owner of Posh Street Food in STACK, Seaburn, Posh Pop Ups, author of Big Chef Mini Chef and his private dining service, Matei will be on hand, personally to take the workshops, showing that healthy cooking needn’t be boring cooking!

Born from him, himself needing to lose weight and achieving an impressive 11 stone weight loss in 2019, Matei wanted to ensure that children learned from an early age how to cook nutritious, healthy yet tasty meals themselves. 

Drawn from the inspiration of his book; Big Chef Mini Chef – Cooking for Kids with Kids is a book stuffed with joy and inspiration. with the star of the volume being a young lad living with Cystic Fibrosis, Matei’s son, Armin.  This large-format book is inspired by and dedicated to Armin, and Matei has been working with children to create simple and appealing recipes to entice them into the kitchen and then to the table ever since.



The workshops, which will take place on Monday 25th July, 8th, 15th and 25th August and 5th September will be carried out at their restaurant in STACK from 10am-11am and bookings can be made via the Post Street Food Facebook page.  There will be one adult required to stay with the children at all times and a maximum of 10 kids from ages six and upwards per class is allowed.

Chef Matei Baran said: “We’re incredibly proud to announce our latest workshops for children and, based on the interest so far, we plan to run a lot more of them in the future.  With the economy as it is at the moment, it’s more important than ever to cook from scratch, and, as the workshops are free, to any child taking part, it means that parents don’t need to stress about the costs.”

The workshops promise kids a fun, yet educational approach and the best thing is, they get to eat what they produce.

With over 25 years’ experience in the kitchen, Chef Matei Baran has a passion for sourcing unique and high-quality produce to create gastronomical treats for the senses and has worked with some of the best chefs the UK has to offer.

Chef Matei Baran concluded: “We’re really looking forward to welcoming the children this summer, in what promises to be action-packed and fun-filled for all concerned.  If kids learn to grow and cook things, then they will be more likely to eat them. Cooking is a life skill and healthy eating matters.  We know how popular these workshops will be, so advice people to book early via our Facebook page, to avoid disappointment.”

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