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5 Most Luxurious Spots for Remote Workers

There are so many beautiful places to visit in the world. Some of them can even make ideal work spots. Find flexible job options with weekly allowance that let you travel to exciting places. Job posting websites such as Jooble can provide remote work options that can include travel to any destination you may desire. Earn an excellent salary while you take in the sights. Here are the top 5 most luxurious places to perform remote work at.


1. Berlin – Germany




Berlin is full of culture and many working young folks. It is most famous for the Bavaria region, which is located in the country’s south. This place has an incredible beer scene and is full of artistry. Germany has many tourists coming in to see the sites. They have an impeccable freelancer visa system that allows remote workers to freely live here with little problems. You can set up a more extended stay and earn an everyday living here in the country. There are tons of economic security options that can help keep you safe and secure.


2. Singapore



Singapore is a massive tourist destination. There is always talk of people visiting and taking in the luxurious sights. It is because it has such a stable economy that makes it an ideal workplace for work. The business environment can allow remote workers to fully develop and kickstart their businesses or careers. With your career choice in mind, you can take a load off in the Asian market. While some food and establishment can be a bit costly, the excellent internet service gives it a high level of safety when browsing. It is perfect for those working on their laptops and writing the days away.


3. Vancouver – Canada



If you want something a little more homely, Canada can provide such relaxation. Vancouver is a great destination, especially. It has many pros that you can take part in that outweigh the costly living environment. 

There are plenty of beaches to traverse, craftworks for exotic household items, and majestic mountains to stare at or travel across. The city life is also well-suited for those able busybodies. You can take a taxi pretty much anywhere. Everyone is so well-connected and pristine that you quickly find where you want to go. But be ready for pretty high expensive real estate rental in Vancouver.


4. Playa del Carmen – Mexico



If you want to go somewhere much sunnier, this part of Mexico is where it’s. You can walk across many gorgeous beaches before stumbling upon a luscious paradise. If you want a peaceful place, the Mayan Riviera is known for its safety and ease of living. There is plenty of affordable accommodation in fancy apartment complexes. You can work in the comfort of your cosy apartment whilst travelling to many mysterious locations. With it being easily accessible to other parts of Mexico, you could explore the whole country.


5.  Tokyo – Japan




If the cost of living doesn’t bother you that much and you can afford somewhere more expensive, Tokyo can give you that luxury lifestyle. The motto of Tokyo is to work hard and play hard. You can commit to a steady remote career while enjoying the perks of the nightlife. Its fast internet and technological advancements make it a heaven for a fancy technophile such as yourself.

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