11 Things you might forget to include in your wedding planning

Wedding planning is stressful, regardless if you are going for a large scale celebration or an intimate ceremony. From picking your dream dress to curating a delicious menu, there’s a lot to do! Understandably, it’s easy to overlook certain details in all the chaos.

Whether you are doing it all by yourself or seeking a wedding planner’s expertise, here are some important things to consider for your upcoming nuptials!

Contingency for Unpredictable Weather

You have probably picked your wedding day after checking the weather forecast. But it can start pouring on a bright and sunny day, especially in the UK. Therefore, it’s important to have a contingency plan in place. You should consider booking an indoor wedding venue with a patio or outdoor space where you can capture those golden hour photos.

Separate Email Address

As soon as you start planning for your wedding, your inbox will be full of emails from various vendors. To easily distinguish between your personal and wedding emails, we suggest creating a separate email for all wedding-related communications. You can also share this address with your partner and wedding planners.

First Point of Contact

On your big day, you won’t have the time to deal with the photographer getting lost, decorators running behind schedule or any other emergency. It would be best to hand over these responsibilities to a reliable friend or family member.

Ask Someone To Gather Gifts 

Don’t forget to ask someone to gather all the gifts after the ceremony and store them in a safe place. 

Looking into the Name Changing Process

Whether you are planning to take each other’s name or add your partner’s name to your last name after marriage, that’s something you need to look into. The process of changing your name after marriage is fairly simple. 

Vendor Meals

Besides your guests, your makeup artists, photographers, servers, musicians and others, vendors also have to eat. Make sure you remember to budget for their meals.

Take a Break

Many couples choose to leave for their honeymoon right after the reception, which can be exhausting. Instead, you should think about taking a couple of weeks to settle down and then leave for your romantic getaway.

Emergency Kit

Things may go wrong despite planning every detail to perfection. But that’s nothing to sweat about! While you can’t predict these things, you can always prepare for the unexpected. We recommend putting together an emergency kit that includes a stain remover pen, sewing supplies, granola bars, Advil, eyelash glue, deodorant, bandaids, and fashion tape. 

Do-Not-Play List

You have likely selected songs for the bridal entrance, first dance, father daughter dance and other special moments. However, there are certain songs that are simply too inappropriate, annoying or creepy to play at your wedding. From Blurred Lines to WAP, make sure to specify a do-not-play list to your wedding DJ.

Get Velvet Hangers

Your wedding photographer and videographer will probably want to capture an artistic shot of your wedding outfits. And the photographs won’t turn out whimsical if your wedding dress is hanging on a cheap plastic hanger. Remember to buy velvet or satin hangers.

Ask About Food Allergies 

The last thing you want is your guests leaving your wedding hungry because you forgot they’re vegan. Before you decide on the menu, it’s a good idea to ask your guests about their dietary restrictions and food allergies. In fact, you should ask them to indicate these restrictions in the RSVP.

The Bottom Line

While there’s nothing more exciting than saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life, wedding planning can get the better of you. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will help you avoid any last-minute hassle and start this new chapter of your life on a happy note.

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