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Nicole Wood recently sat down with Dr Mona Attarpour BDS, owner of the confidence-boosting clinic...
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The blustering wind on this early spring morning hurries me inside the already busy Gosforth clinic. Making an appearance mid photoshoot, I dodge my way past the lights and cameras and greet the lovely Dr Mona Attarpour BDS. As the hectic morning begins to settle, we chat casually in the gorgeous clinic, discussing our love for our dogs and the latest series we’re watching on Netflix.


“Where to begin?” laughs Dr Mona as we sit down to dive into all things aesthetics. Dr Mona Attarpour BDS is a qualified Dental Surgeon with extensive training in injectables.


“Growing up I always wanted to be a dentist. I think it all stemmed from visiting our family dentist as a child,” she starts. “I remember sitting in the waiting area admiring how glamorous the office was. I just remember thinking this will be me one day.


“I had been a dentist for quite some time and I had a lot of patients asking me if I offered aesthetics. It’s not something I had ever considered before, but after numerous requests and wanting a new challenge to sit alongside my dentistry, I decided to give it a go and I really enjoyed the courses,” she explains.


“Anatomy is something we’ve done a lot of, as dentists, throughout university. For five years we learn everything there is to know about the head and the neck anatomy, which is vital to understanding aesthetics and the role and function of the anatomy in restoring aesthetics.


“Restoring teeth and giving patients the confidence to smile is part of the profession that I loved and it’s only a short transition to restoring the aesthetics of the surrounding soft tissues. The fact that we’re already so used to giving injections in the mouth, means we already have the confidence to inject in intimate and sensitive areas.”


The clinic we’re currently sitting in, nestled within the busy main high street in Gosforth, is the place that Dr Mona fell in love with back in 2018.


“When my partner Keith showed me the ad for a clinic for sale in Gosforth, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take my aesthetic career a huge step forwards. I had been treating patients for aesthetics in between my dentistry and attended numerous courses, so the timing couldn’t have been better.”


For Mona, it’s all about making her patients feel good, so that’s exactly what she does at her clinic.


“People can expect natural results. I only do natural and pride myself on this. The work I do creates a fresher look, to improve self esteem, banish insecurities and make people happier within themselves. It’s natural for patients to be a little nervous at first, but I always do my best to reassure and comfort them – usually in the form of a joke to get them to relax.

“I always start small – this way they can see instant results without drastic changes. They won’t look in the mirror and think ‘who’s that looking back at me?’.


“A lot of people don’t like anyone to know they’ve had any work done. They want to look fresh and give the perception that they’ve been on holiday, had a good night’s sleep, or are living with less stress. They don’t want big changes to the point where people are going to ask what work they’ve had done!


“The whole process starts with trust. Someone is putting their face in my hands, and so the consultation process is one of the most important steps. It’s the opportunity for patients to tell me what they want and for me to provide honest, professional feedback. I simply won’t carry

out any work I don’t believe in. I don’t want to alter people’s faces, I want to provide natural looking rejuvenation and if I don’t agree with what someone is asking for or if they’re wanting something too extreme, then I’m happy enough to turn them away.


Remaining ethical is crucial in this line of work. If people look at previous work on my Instagram, they can be reassured that the treatments I offer are natural. I don’t want my name against something I don’t believe in.


“Results and patient satisfaction motivates me. It’s a very close and personal relationship – they’re telling you their biggest insecurities and so it’s an honour to help make someone feel so confident in their own skin. We go on a journey together, building up a relationship along the way, and I help them get to their desired destination.”


Alongside patients spending on treatments, Dr Mona was committed to finding a way for her patients to maintain long-lasting results: “I always say, ‘what’s the point in having the treatment if you aren’t going to maintain a good skincare routine at home?’ “There’s no overnight fix and you need to stay on top of things. You wouldn’t just go to the dentist every six months and then not brush your teeth in between check ups.”


Offering medical grade skin care products is another piece in the jigsaw and has led to Dr Mona adding medical grade skin care products to her arsenal. Prescribed medical grade skincare, tailored to individual patient’s needs, helps to treat conditions such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation. Fully aware that everyone’s skin is unique and has different needs, she carried out a variety of blind testing before promoting the use of it.


“I used it for about 2-3 months on a selection of patients until I started seeing results and then once I knew it worked, I decided to start using it in the clinic.


“The Alumier skincare range is a big game changer. It’s medical grade and actually offers results within two months of use, without any downtime. There is a lot of competition, in terms of products, but there’s a lot of confusion out there and not enough education. Sometimes people think they’re using medical grade products, but unfortunately they’re not. And despite spending a fortune on a well-known brand, they won’t actually see medical grade results. If you can just buy them over the counter, then they aren’t medical grade. You need to be consulted and prescribed these products to be able to get the high percentage of active ingredients.”


When asking Dr Mona about her own glowing canvas, she explains her biggest beauty secret is SPF: “Because I started on this aesthetic journey, I learned all about what products my skin needed. For example, SPF is essential – it’s the best thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis. The importance of it is crucial. My skin is so much smoother and in much better condition since I started wearing it. There’s not enough information out there about why it’s so important to use. A lot of people think that there’s enough in their moisturiser or make up, but that’s not true. I myself admit, I used to think the less I wear the better the tan I’d get, but now even when I’m on holiday I’ll try and keep my face out of the sun. Even here in England, on the cloudiest of days, I will still apply SPF 50 to my face.”


Remaining true to her roots, Dr Mona still dabbles in locum dentistry from time to time and offers a teeth whitening treatment at the clinic, but her passion lies with aesthetics. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the likes of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments, which is why she’s committed to not only offering natural looks for her patients, but is dedicated to providing top-of-the-range, insightful training to those looking to pursue a career in this field of work.


“I love injectables,” she says. “When I do injections, I’m in my element. When I saw that the place I trained at in Manchester was looking for someone to help with training, I decided to get in touch. I thought it would be a nice break between treatments, and I have enough experience behind me now to be able to share that with someone else. It all took off and it was one of the best things I ever did.


“I also teach in London. My old mentor asked me to join his training programme. He’s very strict, so it was extremely nice – and confidence-boosting – when he asked me. I love teaching, you get a lot of satisfaction from it.”


In between forensic science, admin work, dentistry and implants, Dr Mona found her greatest love was injectables. Not only does she love carrying out the work, but she loves the relationship she gets to build with her patients too.


“The difference between dentistry and aesthetics is people love you for aesthetics – they love you for providing a tiny amount of pain to make them look good – whereas patients always say ‘it’s not personal, but I hate dentists!’. You take them out of pain and they still hate you and hate coming to see you! My patients love coming to see me in the clinic now,” laughs Dr Mona. With a jam-packed schedule and exciting plans on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Dr Mona Attarpour BDS.



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