Top Five Spring Fashion Must Haves In 2022

It’s springtime again, and all the new collections are hitting the runways! Take a look at our list of the top five spring fashion must haves in 2022…

Spring has well and truly sprung! It’s the time of year we welcome new flowers, new beginnings and, most importantly, new fashion trends! It’s also the time of year when the weather can turn from gorgeous sunshine to torrential rain in the blink of an eye, so you’ve got to be prepared for anything. 


That’s what makes spring fashion so exciting, you can pick and choose layers from different seasons to create a number of exciting looks that look fabulous whilst being ready for the chaotic UK climate. You can layer men’s t-shirts up with vests or cardigans and layer dresses up with boots, stockings and a mid-weight trench. 


However, there are a handful of items that are essential wardrobe garments that fit into every spring mix and match. Take a look at our list of the top five spring fashion must haves in 2022 (and every year for that matter!) and you’ll never be caught out again!


Trench Coat


LUXE - Trench Coat


A mid-weight trench coat is the ultimate springtime wardrobe hero. A stylish trend with both men and women, you can style up and down your tasty trench in so many different ways. Basically, If you stick with a colour that is relatively neutral within your palette, that trench will go with virtually everything that you own. Black or beige are our go-to options! 


A trench can be dressed up for evenings over a nice pair of black jeans and boots or heels. Or dress it down by wearing it over your cosy sweats pants on a quick dash to the shop or emergency coffee run (we have those emergencies at least twice a day). 


You can even wear your ever versatile trench over a classic white tee and jeans on a cooler day, or layer it up with a cardigan, scarf, and boots when the weather decides to take a turn. Obviously, having a waterproof or at least water-resistant trench can’t hurt, but it’s not an absolute must (unless you live in the North East, of course!). 


Classic White Tee or Button Down


LUXE - T Shirt


The classic white tee simply will never, ever go out of style. It doesn’t matter who you are, you need a classic white tee in your life. The definition of a “classic white tee” can also be extended to a classic white button-down, depending on whether your style leans toward the casual or more put together. To be honest, there’s no reason not to have both in your springtime arsenal! 


A mid-weight tee or button-down are the best to go for as they’ll be useful basically the whole year round. The tee can be layered up with a tight, long-sleeved shirt underneath, and so can a button-down, though we advise that for the button down, the long-sleeved shirt be completely hidden or you may end up looking like Tony Hawk on an office day out. If that sounds like your style though, then just rock it! 


Both shirts can be worn with your dynamic trench or with lovely some warm knits. Both can also be worn with light or heavy trousers and shorts or skirts for warmer days!


White Trainers


LUXE - Trainers


The best thing about trainers is that your opinions are virtually endless, there’s absolutely something for everyone. Whatever style floats your boat, white trainers are without doubt a springtime fashion must have that will more or less go with any of your outfits!

Trainers are a great choice for spring because when you live in a country with weather as unpredictable as ours, going to the extreme of wearing super thick boots or airy flip-flops will leave you caught out more than once. Stick with good old white trainers and you’ll be set with shoes for any springtime occasion!


A Mid-Weight Cardigan 


LUXE - Cardigan


You can go for a heavy winter cardigan too if you know you’re in for some windy spring days in your neck of the woods, just layer less underneath. The best option when it comes to spring cardigans has to be a button down v-neck.

It’s a classic shape – we love our classics here at LUXE – that won’t go out of style. If it fits just right it’ll work for both casual and more dressy moments – it’s a cardi-win-win! Though they are more costly, it’s better to go for softer wools like merino or cashmere if you really want to treat yourself. 


A Good Pair Of Jeans


LUXE - Jeans


Just like with trainers, there are probably thousands of denim jeans options for you to choose from. There’s not a particular colour that we’ll recommend because that depends entirely on your wardrobe; however, going for a classic fit will always serve you well.

A straight leg that has a mid-rise waist is a good choice. Heavy denim will fit differently than light or stretch denim, so don’t assume that your usual size will fit you; always try a new pair of jeans on before you purchase!

The bottom line is that a couple of simple, classic items will make your wardrobe totally spring-proof! Happy shopping!

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