Inside Newcastle High School For Girls’ 2022 Fashion Show

These Newcastle High School girls are the North East’s fashion stars of the future…
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Inspired by themes ranging from body image to technology, this year’s Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) fashion showcase, which took place on Wednesday 6 April, featured two fully-choreographed catwalk shows filled with fabulously forward thinking outfits.


Audiences, including staff, pupils, parents and the general public, were treated to four final year collections from NHSG’s Textile Design A-Level cohort – a unique academic offering that enables students to design and create a fashion collection from initial concept through to garment-making and runway show.


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In addition, 80 girls from years 9, 10, 11 and 12 saw their work showcased during the event – a culmination of their creative endeavours during the school year.


Not only was the design and fabrication of all garments done entirely by the girls, they also planned the event, staging, music and lighting!


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Year 13 pupil, Rebecca McGowan, 18, from Morpeth, said: “Taking part in the fashion show is important to me as it is a little taster into the fashion industry as I get to create my own outfits, choose music, select models and choreograph my own piece.


“When I see my friends wearing my outfits I get an enormous sense of pride as I have been working for the last two years to get to this point, and due to COVID last year we were unable to have a fashion show which makes this one extra special.


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“The fashion show will help me in my further studies because it teaches me how to organise myself and work within a time frame.”


Fellow pupil, Henna Ibrahim, 17, from Newcastle said: “The fashion show is a very important experience as it’s an opportunity to gain knowledge and other skills, from styling to choosing the music. This event has allowed me to have more confidence for my next journey studying fashion at university, but it also has allowed me to showcase my designs to the school community. After a lot of hard work and the support of my teachers it all paid off.”


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Many NHSG alumnae have gone on to enjoy successful careers in fashion, a highly competitive industry that contributes over £29 billion to the UK economy. Among the school’s former pupils are Lauren Anderson, Charis Younger, Evie Turley, Jenni Moore, Chloe Cooper and Caroline Legg, who all currently work in fashion or are studying for a degree in fashion. 


Alison Goldie, Head of Art, said: “The NHSG Art and Design Fashion Show 2022 was an eclectic mix of style and designs. We showcased the work of some outstanding students who have very bright futures ahead of them, and provided the next generation of future designers with the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence. We also took the opportunity to celebrate the creative arts as a whole, while bringing the girls’ work into public view.”

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