What You Need To Know About Getting Veneers

Meg Murray, patient at Queensway Dental

Luxe: Tell us a little bit about your smile journey and why you decided on veneers?

Meg: When I first turned to Queensway I opted for composite bonding on my teeth as they were naturally quite small, when I smiled you couldn’t see a lot of my teeth and my overall aim was to have them made bigger.

The dentist built them up with composite material to make a veneer – I was aware the lifespan was around four years, but at the time I just wanted a quick fix and for them to look bigger and whiter.

When they reached the end of their lifespan, they had started to look a little stained and very much in need of a refresh.

After speaking to Queensway Dental and finding out my options, I chose to replace them with ceramic veneers – I always thought that having veneers meant that the teeth needed to be filed down, but that’s not the case at all. This was a big deciding factor for me.

Luxe: How involved were you in the overall look and design of your new smile? Did you get to have your input?

Meg: Yes, loads – more than I thought was possible! I had an appointment with the team at Queensway Laboratory, which is on- site at their Billingham practice.

They were so informative about what they could do to the teeth to make them look natural, such as putting ridges in and how, for example, they could make the teeth more transparent on the bottom edges to give them a more realistic finish.

Left: Before with composite veneers, Right: After with ceramic veneers


It was after this consultation that they created the ‘trial smile’ which was fitted by my dentist. I was completely amazed at this. It was only temporary but allowed me to check I was happy with the look, feel and colour of my new smile.

I was even given the opportunity to make any changes if needed – but they were actually spot on, I couldn’t have been happier and couldn’t wait for the final fit.

Luxe: Are you a nervous patient?

Meg: Very much so. I never used to enjoy visiting the dentist and I was nervous, but everything was so relaxing, my dentist was very empathetic and kept me at ease. In fact, every appointment was an absolute breeze, and I don’t know why I even worried.

Luxe: Has your smile makeover had an impact on your confidence?

Meg: Absolutely! Before composite bonding I didn’t want to smile and show my teeth. I loved them, but when they started to age, I felt like I couldn’t smile again.

Now I’m obsessed with my teeth and I want to show them off at every opportunity – you will always catch me in front of the camera!

I get so many compliments and people asking what I’ve had done because they look so natural.


Dr Jane Gosney, Associate Dentist at Queensway Dental

Luxe: What is a veneer?

Dr Jane Gosney: A veneer is a layer of material placed over the front of a tooth to change its shape and colour. Veneers can be made from different dental materials – usually composite or ceramic.

Luxe: How do I know what veneers would look like on me?

Dr Jane Gosney: You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so why invest in your smile without one? Our talented dental technicians at our on-site laboratory will digitally design your smile to suit your face using 3D scans, photos and videos.

You can have input into the design process by letting us know what shape teeth you would like – digital dental technology is amazing. After your smile has been designed, we will 3D print it and ‘test drive’ this in your mouth with a temporary material – you will quite literally try before you buy.

The temporary material simply flicks off at the end of this trial smile appointment. If you want to make changes to your trial smile, it’s no problem, we make sure you’re happy before we press go.

Luxe: What about the colour of the veneers?

Dr Jane Gosney: When it comes to the colour of your veneers you will have a bespoke consultation with the lab team who will show you all your options.

Subtly fresh or bright white, block colour or natural, whatever you want – our lab can make it. You are the creator of your smile. We’re here to make it happen.

Luxe: What’s the difference between a composite veneer and a ceramic veneer?

Dr Jane Gosney: Composite is the name of white filling material. This is applied to the front of your tooth and hand sculpted and shaped by your dentist directly in your mouth before setting it.

Ceramic is a harder wearing dental material that is less prone to chipping and staining. Ceramic veneers are made outside of your mouth in the laboratory, they are then cemented to your tooth at a separate appointment.

Luxe: Do teeth need to be filed down for ceramic veneers?

Dr Jane Gosney: No, that is not always the case. It’s best to keep as much natural tooth as possible – and veneers can now be designed to be applied with no damage to your natural tooth.

If your teeth are very crooked, it may be necessary to remove some tooth, but this should be very minimal (no pointy stumps!).

Luxe: Do you need to have straight teeth to have veneers?

Dr Jane Gosney: No. However, the straighter your teeth are, the less of the tooth we need to remove (if any), so it’s always best to see our orthodontists at Queensway Orthodontics if we think it’s necessary.

Braces can also correct any bite issues which can lead to a longer veneer lifespan and a more comfortable chewing pattern. There are lots of modern brace options including the almost invisible system ‘Invisalign’.

Luxe: How long do ceramic veneers take?

Dr Jane Gosney: Once your mouth is fully healthy, we can start on your veneer journey – you can be showing off your new smile within a couple of months.

Luxe: Is there a lot of aftercare needed for ceramic veneers?

Dr Jane Gosney: Regular check-ups and hygiene appointments are essential to keep your new pearly whites in tip top condition, usually every six months.

We also advise that you brush and floss twice daily and wear a night guard to protect your investment from any clenching and grinding.

Luxe: How about the lifespan – do they need to be replaced?

Dr Jane Gosney: Ceramic veneers are expected to last 10 to 15+ years. As with everything in life – the better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

Nothing in dentistry lasts forever, so you will need these replacing which is why it is so important to preserve as much natural tooth as possible at the start of the process – at Queensway we want our patients to keep their teeth for life.

Luxe: How much are ceramic veneers?

Dr Jane Gosney: A trial smile starts at £465. Ceramic veneers are from £730 per tooth.

Luxe: How can our Luxe readers make a start on their Queensway journey?

Dr Jane Gosney: We offer all new patients a free, no obligation video consultation.

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