Enhanced Aqua Cleanse Facial

Enhanced Aqua Cleanse Facial

It goes without saying spring is a perfect time for a bit of soul searching. It marks new beginnings and encourages us to set goals for the months ahead.

As I navigate my life as a new mum, in order to ensure I can be my ‘best me’, I’m challenging myself to schedule in some ‘switch off’ time. Something I’m sure many of us will admit, whatever it is we’re juggling at that time, can be pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

And what better way to start than with a skin boosting facial? That little bit of TLC we need now, more than ever.

Yoga and meditation is part of my daily and weekly routine, but skincare is something I admittedly slip in and out of. I’m often left feeling overwhelmed by the number of ‘must have’ products out there.

I have no problem finding exciting new oils, moisturisers and serums, but what I’m missing is the expert knowledge – knowing exactly what is required to feed my face with goodness.

When invited to try a detoxifying treatment at The Natural Enhancement Clinic, I jumped at the opportunity. A chance to give my skin the little bit of love it needed.

The lovely Donna and Eryn at The Natural Enhancement Clinic in Washington are not only incredibly talented and welcoming, they really know what they’re talking about and this comes across in everything they do – from their website, to the booking process and of course, chatting to the ladies as they bring your treatment to life in the clinic.

Their passion lies in educating people on the products they use, the procedures they practice, and how both of those things can work wonders for the mind, body and soul. I booked in for the Enhanced Aqua Cleanse (90 minutes – £85) with Vitamin Infusion (2ml – £60) and it was the perfect tonic to give my winter skin a nourishing boost.

Individually, the treatments work wonders for blocked pores, dry skin, lines, dark circles and scarring; but together, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The aqua peel is designed to give you a flawless glow, gently stripping away any nasties from the skin, leaving the face feeling and looking fantastically fresh. If, like me, you’re looking for instant results without any discomfort or abrasive treatments, it’s the perfect fix, improving texture and restoring elasticity almost instantly.

Combining the power of deep cleansing water peeling with good-for-you ingredients, microdermabrasion and a variety of different prong heads and acids, it’s the ultimate MOT for the skin.

Whatever they’re working with – whether it’s scars, wrinkles, blackheads, stretch marks, dark circles, or simply skin in need of a bit of hydration, this deep facial cleanse moisturises, removes dead skin cells, rebalances sebum and restructures tissue.

Donna starts with a water-based peel with sequential acids. Using a water jet, the cocktail of hydrating products work as a gentle vacuum, removing impurities and stripping the skin back to ensure it takes in everything it needs from the treatment.

The next step is an infusion of hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturising, right from the pores through to the skin’s surface.

Finally, using a mesoporatic handpiece, the Aqua Cleanse restructures and oxygenates the facial tissue by penetrating the skin’s layers to build the skin back up using hyaluronic acid and dreamy serums that ensure you leave the clinic with that ‘new you’ glow.

The clinic itself is a breath of fresh air. Bright and beautifully sleek decor with plenty of light shining through. It’s the perfect feel-good retreat with the service to match.

It’s a warm and welcoming place where no question is a ‘silly’ one. I leave having learnt a lot about skincare, but also about my own skin. A fresh-faced me with a shopping list of dreamy Dermalogica products to add to my daily routine, and a bank of new knowledge on the science of skincare.

The bang-for-your-buck beauty boost we all need. The Natural Enhancement Clinic has a number of nourishing treatments available; the first step is to take some time for yourself and let the experts lead the way.