Lockdown Business, Around The House Furniture Is Blossoming

Around the House Furniture is the North East-based luxury homeware brand bringing gorgeous styles to your home. Nicole Wood checks in with Louise Stockton, the creative brains behind this blossoming business...
Around The House Furniture

If you’re like me and spend endless hours scrolling through Pinterest searching for home decor ideas, then you’re going to fall in love with the Wynyard-based furniture business, Around the House Furniture.

When I stumbled upon this local business during one of my many late night scrolls seeking out interior inspiration for my new home, I just had to know more.

It’s a busy Wednesday morning and I’m sitting down ready to chat to owner Louise Stockton. Three minutes in, I am already in awe of her passion and ambition, forty minutes later and I’m officially obsessed with the brand.

Around The House Furniture

Louise Stockton

“Interior design has always been my passion, I actually graduated with a degree in it in 2011. After working in show home design for a year in Newcastle, I actually ended up falling into the beauty industry. I wanted to work for myself and I really enjoyed it for seven years until Covid hit in 2020 and my business had to close for a while due to lockdown,” Louise begins to explain

“The business is something I actually started in 2012 after I finished uni and had been working in Newcastle. I ran it for two years, but I just don’t think it was the right time for online selling. Social media wasn’t as big as it is now and there wasn’t really such a thing as influencers. It was really difficult so I started doing the beauty and when I got really busy with that, my furniture business got put on the back burner.

“During the first lockdown in March 2020 my little girl was around four months old and for most people they would have seen this as the perfect opportunity to chill out and relax, but for me I started to go a bit stir crazy. I was getting bored of just sitting around and I felt a little bit like, well what am I going to do? So instead of twiddling my thumbs, I started it up again. I feel like now is the time. Instagram is huge now for home accounts and influencers etc. and all of that ties in perfectly with my business,” she continues.

Having already grown a fantastic reputation as a luxury brand selling high quality furniture, Louise tells me a little bit about how her business works and how she uses her eye for interior design to pick her stock: “I work with a lot of great suppliers who I have carefully selected. I pick out a selection of products that suit the brand, which I know are on trend and that people will love. When it comes to sourcing products, I find it best to attend the furniture trade shows. I’m attending the one in Birmingham in January and I’m really looking forward to it.

“At the moment I work with around six suppliers, but I’m actually going to be looking to add a couple of new ones too. Attending the shows is a great way to check the quality of a product. One of the shocks I got when I went to my first trade show on my own, was how bad the quality was for one of the suppliers I had been listing – don’t get me wrong it looked beautiful and it was gorgeous on the outside, but I pride myself on being a luxury, high-end brand and the quality of the inside and the sturdiness of the product just didn’t match up to this.

“This is something you can’t tell online, which is why I like to see the suppliers I’m stocking at these trade shows. When I’m looking for a range, I’m looking for exceptional quality too. I want to know that when I’m sending something out to a customer, they’re going to get a luxurious, high quality product.”

With a new year, like many of us, Louise is thinking about switching up her own home decor. Discussing the impact a good clean, fresh lick of paint and an accessory switch around can have as the new year rolls around, I take the opportunity to get the expert’s opinion on interior trends and tips for 2022.

“My living room is a nice deep blue colour, but I’m looking to change it this year. I want to switch out the dark shades in our home for a more neutral palette. I always like to invest in staple pieces of furniture that will work with any colour. It’s not sustainable to completely redecorate each time the seasons change.

“However, if you have a neutral colour scheme, you can often make small changes with seasons. For example, you could change the colour of your cushions, curtains or throws. So in the summer you might have pastel pink cushions and then in the winter swap them out for a deep blue. If your walls and floors are a neutral palette, this can work easily. Try swapping out some accessories too,” Louise adds.

“I think throughout 2022 we’ll see a lot of neutral looking homes, a very clean look with lots of texture. We live in a new build, but we’ve transformed it into a modern cottage vibe by adding panelling, and I think this is going to be something we’ll see a lot of this year.”

There’s no doubt that Louise’s business is going to go from strength to strength and she already has many exciting plans for the future. She’s looking to scale up her business and expand her knowledge, partly through a business mentoring programme she’s currently taking part in.

Louise also has plans to employ her first member of staff by the summer and in a constant drive to become more sustainable she’s launching a ‘plant a tree’ scheme with every purchase. It’s clear that this is just the start for Around the House Furniture.


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