Feeling Burnt Out Before Bed? Experts Reveal Their Top Tips For Winding Down

Feeling burnt out and struggling to sleep? Luxe checks in with two healthcare professionals who give expert advice on how to get a good night's sleep...
How to get a good night's sleep

Experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety before bed is becoming increasingly more common because of how fast-paced life is today.

We are constantly switched on, whether that be with work or our social lives and this can leave us to feel burnt out by the end of the day which has a negative effect on our sleep. And with life finally going back to normal, this will only get worse as we start to become busy again.

Here, two doctors reveal their tips for winding down to allow for a good night’s sleep…


Dr Giuseppe Aragona, GP & online doctor for OnlinePrescriptionDoctor:


Remove all devices from your bedroom

Many studies have found that using digital devices right before you go to sleep increases your chances of having a broken sleep or can leave you struggling to get to sleep quickly.

Why? This is because social media apps leave our brain feeling wired due to the types of content we view. If you can, try and give yourself two hours right before you go to sleep with no screen time, this includes laptops, tablets and TVs.

Try to get into the habit of switching off everything by 8pm and indulge in a bath or a book as this will help to calm your mind and allow it to slowly switch off naturally to allow for a good night’s sleep.


Create a sleep sanctuary

Creating a relaxing and calming environment in your bedroom is key for allowing your mind to clear, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you sleep in a messy room this only promotes a disorganised and messy mind itself and you may find it difficult to switch off or relax knowing you are in a room that looks and feels chaotic. It may also leave you feeling agitated and unsettled which will make falling asleep even harder.

Try to keep the area you sleep in tidy and minimal and use soft, neutral colours as opposed to loud, bright colours.



Reading is guaranteed to relax your mind and body and can help send you off into a deep sleep.

Swapping your phone for a book can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep and allows your mind to switch off slowly as it only has to focus on one thing.

Reading naturally allows us to start feeling sleepy, and if you read in bed you may find that after just half an hour of reading you are starting to drift off.

The transition from using your phone to reading a book may be hard at first, but with practice you might soon find that books become your best friend when it comes to creating a relaxing nighttime routine.


Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart, Psychologist and Nutritionist:


Meditation and breathwork

Meditation and breathwork has long been used to help calm the mind and body and reduce any anxiety and tension.

Meditation and breathwork are great ways to help calm and switch off the brain before bed.

Breathwork is a holistic practice which is aimed at calming anxiety and reducing any feelings of stress or anguish. It is quite a simple practice once you understand how it works but it can be really effective.

Meditation is similar but is more focused on clearing the mind completely. If you can do 15 minutes of meditation before bed you are more likely to fall asleep quickly due to emptying your mind of daily stresses.


Try Herbal medicine

Herbal ingredients found in herbal teas and nighttime supplements are an effective way to help calm and soothe your body and mind before you head to bed.

Ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and mint are all known for their relaxing properties, and most can be found in household tea brands.

Supplements which support mental wellbeing through ingredients such as ashwagandha, chamomile and lavender are also beneficial and an easy way to help reduce any evening stress. I like Pukkas Inner Peace capsules which include all three ingredients mentioned here.


Introduce CBD into your nighttime routine

CBD is a fairly new concept but it has taken over the wellness world by storm and is now a part of many people’s nightly routine.

A few drops of CBD oil on the tongue each evening can help you to relax and may relieve feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood, allowing for a good night’s sleep.

I always recommend the I-cann peppermint CBD oil, blended with lemon balm to support relaxation and mental wellbeing.

Please consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before trying any supplements or if you have any concerns.

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