LED Light Therapy

How Does LED Light Therapy Work

Investing in your skin is something I’m a firm believer of. Suffering from hormonal breakouts, sensitive skin and a pesky redness that fills my cheeks, LED Light Therapy was one of the constant answers that would fill my Google searches, and so a trip to Laser Clinics UK in Newcastle was booked.

A quick medical consultation form and a skin consultation with the lovely Alana and I was whisked into a treatment room preparing for what was described as a 15 minute holiday.

Cosied up on the bed, hair net on and Alana begins my pre-treatment cleanse. Next, a pair of protection goggles are placed across my eyes, slipping me into complete darkness – perfect for relaxing.

The light is then placed over my face and I’m left to relax for around 15 minutes. Understanding and appreciating why the treatment was described as a mini holiday, the heat is so delicate, yet tropical enough to feel like you’re basking in the sunshine.

To help target my main concern of redness, I opted for Yellow LED Light Therapy which comes with heaps of benefits including the reduction of redness, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles.

All of that, plus it brightens complexion, accelerates wound healing, improves lymphatic drainage, collagen induction and even rejuvenates and hydrates your skin.

Think of Yellow LED Light Therapy as achieving your best post-holiday glow in under 15 minutes. While it’s the deepest penetrating medical-grade treatment that Laser Clinics UK offer, it has no downtime and no discomfort whatsoever.

Once the light goes off, I’m treated to a few pats of serum and a spritz of multi-active mist – both of which my skin drinks up after the treatment.

We finish with a much-needed dose of SPF 50, this is essential in your aftercare post-treatment. I leave feeling radiant already looking forward to my next session.

For optimum results, 4-6 LED Light Therapy sessions at two weekly sessions are recommended. Yellow LED Light Therapy costs £49 per session. For more information, contact laserclinics.co.uk