Sleepy Beauty Pantomime
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Sleeping Beauty Pantomime


Princess Tamara and Prince Kristoff are the perfect pair, destined to be together. Both as royalty, gracious and as charming as can be.

However, Carabosse the wicked fairy godmother has other plans for their love story. Chester the Jester, Nurse Nora and Fairy Fortywinks must all step in to help break her sinister spell.

With the help of the audience, the cast works together to reunite the dream couple in this hilarious adaptation of one of our favourite fairy tales.



The audience were treated to local talent by North East’s very own Laura Baxter, playing Princess Tamara, as she stuns the audience with her spectacular vocals.

Equally, Matt Pagan doesn’t fail to amaze us with his incredible performance as Prince Kristoff. The 2014’s Britain Got Talent winner’s voice carried to every inch of the auditorium, living up to the expectations of his role of principal boy.

Comics Charlie Richmond and Lewis Denny create the hilarious dynamic duo of Chester and Nurse Nora, with the theatre never being short of laughter for long. With JoJo Hartfield as Fairy Fortywinks infectious enthusiasm making it impossible for the audience not to get involved.

Sarah Annakin’s performance as Carabosse is something from nightmares. And we mean this in a good way. She truly transforms into her character of a wicked fairy godmother, convincingly conveying her power to cast an evil hex.



Usually, you’d think if you are sat in the audience, you are a safe distance from the scares appearing on stage, but think again.

From snakes and spiders to ghosts, they will all be jumping out on you at this must-see show. With everyone gifted a pair of 3D glasses for the show, the pantomime suddenly becomes a lot more interactive than you bargained for!

Enchanted Entertainment has added another unique addition to the classic fairy tale, and it is a definite highlight of the spectacular show. Prepare to be on your feet as the cast break out into the song The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show. An unexpected, but excellent ending.

The 3D scenes and performance of The Time Warp were a surprising twist, but we are certainly not complaining.



Whether you are a grown adult or a child, you’ll be cheering, booing and singing all the same. With jokes aimed at both a mature and a young audience, this magnificent show can be enjoyed at any age.