5 Festive Tipples To Try This Christmas

'Tis the season for getting merry. Charlotte Smith has rounded up five of the best festive tipples from The Pip Stop for you to enjoy the most wonderful, booziest time of the year...
Festive Tipples

Whether you’re looking for a speedy delivery straight to your front door or heading into Newcastle to mooch about their new store, The Pip Stop are on hand to deliver the goods this Christmas.

From beers, prosecco and delicious wines aplenty, guaranteed you’ll find something unique to put smiles on faces! We round up just five of our favourite products…

For White Wine Lovers >>

MWC Pinot Gris

The Australian Pinot Gris, which originates from its namesake grape, is a full and tropical white wine.

It manages to perfectly combine the fruitiness of lychee, the sweetness of red apple whilst still adding a gentle hint of spicy pear to create a complex, textural and slightly savoury flavour.

Pairing perfectly with cured meat, this is certainly a wine to be remembered when preparing your spread this Christmas.

£9.99, thepipstop.co.uk


Festive Tipples


For Red Wine Connoisseurs >>

Don’t Tell Gary Shiraz

Only coming onto the scene in recent years after Jo Nash’s discovery, this particularly remarkable parcel of Shiraz worked wonders after ageing in expensive French oak barrels for 12 months.

One sip and you’ll fall head over heels. As the liquid hits your mouth, the juiciness will explode across your tastebuds filling your mouth with a fruitful flavour, showing a real purity of fruit with minimal intervention.

If red wine is your festive tipple of choice, then a bottle or two of this Shiraz will undoubtedly be making its way on to your Christmas wish list.

£11.99, thepipstop.co.uk


Festive Tipples


For Rose Wine Fanatics >>

Charles and Charles Rose

A combination of six grapes have been carefully chosen to create Charles and Charles Rose.

Light cherry and strawberry notes will fill your nose with a fresh fragrance, with thoughts of France springing to mind with the Herbs de Provence and rose petals.

Expect your tastebuds to be taken on a journey beginning with an off-dry flavouring before moving to a creamy mid-palate taste and ending on a tangy, bright finish. This crisp, dry wine will leave your palate feeling oh-so refreshed.

From roast chicken to salmon, this rose wine is the ideal choice to serve with a light dish this Christmas.

£11.47, thepipstop.co.uk


Festive Tipples


For Sparkling Wine Admirers >>

Baglietti NO 10 Prosecco

Celebrate the festivities by raising a glass of Baglietti No 10 Prosecco.

This well-bodied dry and crisp Prosecco marries notes of refreshing pear and tangy apple flavours, perfect for sipping on throughout the festive season.

£14.99, thepipstop.co.uk

Festive Tipples


For Craft Beer Enthusiasts >>

Full Circle Brew Co Looper IPA

Stock up and prepare to make this festive season the best one yet with Full Circle Brew Co’s Looper IPA.

A vegan-friendly IPA with a lively, yet pleasant taste blending together citrus notes of lemon and lime with a hint of grapefruit to form the juicy flavour Looper IPA is renowned for, managing to be bold and smooth all at once.

Taste aside, the impressive design of Newcastle’s Quayside skyline on the label is a testament to not only the place they call home, but to the stape IPA of the company.

Pack of 6, £25.74, thepipstop.co.uk

Festive Tipples

All available via thepipstop.co.uk

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