Tips To Prepare Your Pets For Fireworks

10 Tips To Prepare Your Pets For Fireworks

Provide a safe place

Preparation is key. Form a den-like set up in your pet’s favourite room to create a cosy safe space.

It can be a corner filled with blankets and their toys or even consist of a makeshift ceiling. Boxes filled with cushions or blankets covering the gaps in between sofas can serve as a safe space that works to reduce anxiety throughout the sound of fireworks.

Not all pets will find this comforting, but for those who like to snuggle up, this simple trick could work perfectly to help ease their anxiety.


Turn up the devices in each room gradually

Turning up the radio and televisions in each room can muffle the sound of fireworks and distract pets. However, do not raise the volume dramatically in one go.

Instead, gradually increase the volume to ensure that your pet can get used to the additional noise.


Let them do what they want to do

When an animal hides because of feeling anxious, it can be tempting to try and coax them out of their hiding place to reassure them.

Reframe from doing this as they have retreated to a place where they feel safe. Coaxing them out can cause further distress.


Close windows and curtains

Closing the windows doesn’t just aid in muffling the sounds of fireworks, it also shields from the smell of fireworks which can increase a pet’s anxiety. The noises and smell all contribute to a pet feeling fearful.


Act normal

Dogs and cats are very intelligent creatures and can sense when something is different. Do not change your behaviour as the fireworks are sounding, this is to ensure their environment is as normal as possible.


Water, water, water

Always keep water well within your animals reach as when they are feeling frightened, they often want to drink more than usual.


An open house

Do not confine your animal to one room. Instead, give them free rein of their environment so that they can find where they feel safe.


Dim the lights

Dimming the lights can provide a cosy environment for your pet. If you can, dim the lights.


Keep on a lead

Your dog needs to do their business, but refrain from forcing them outside. Try going out with them and keeping them on a lead while in the garden.

If you are fully confident that your dog doesn’t mind fireworks and they are outside, ensure that they are kept on a lead. They can surprise you and are likely to bolt if they get spooked.