Soak Up Some Winter Sun In Dubai

Dubai offers all you need and more for a luxury getaway this winter. Here's why...

Soak up the glittering skyline as you dine in award-winning restaurants by night and immerse yourself in architecture, shopping malls and theme parks by day. You will find there is something for everyone in this vibrant city with guaranteed warmth, even during the winter months.




Getting there couldn’t be easier. Emirates has officially resumed its service from Newcastle International Airport, meaning you can now fly direct to Dubai every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, plus benefit from a convenient new departure time to maximise your stay.



Dubai Marina 

Take a relaxing stroll along the Marina’s seven-kilometre harbour front. Along this pedestrian walkway, you will find a delightful range of restaurants, coffee shops and pop-up craft markets, as well as Jumeirah Beach, which offers great scenic views of the Arabian Gulf.

Within close proximity you will also find Dubai Marina Mall, brimming with high-street fashion and luxury fashion brands spanning 390,000 sq. ft. complete with 4 levels.

You will discover a range of eateries including alfresco dining before the shimmering waterfront, as well as a supermarket, kids playground and the luxurious 6-screen Reel Cinemas, to keep you entertained all day long. 



Burj Khalifa

Home to the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s futuristic, breath-taking architecture is sure to impress.

The record-breaking Burj Khalifa offers outstanding views of the bustling city below from the world’s highest observation deck.

The 828-metre skyscraper, which is over three times the height of the Eiffel Tower, attracts millions of visitors every year due to its dizzying height and futuristic appearance as well as its luxury accommodation, fine dining and world-class entertainment. 

For more Instagram worthy views, be sure to check out the iconic Palm Jumeirah which offers 360-degree views of the sparkling waters of the Arabian gulf complete with Dubai’s iconic skyline.

For a different perspective, try the Ain Dubai, a new giant observation wheel which stands at a staggering height of 250m making it the highest and largest of its kind in the world. 



The Desert

Renowned for its thrilling activities, the desert offers a range of exciting experiences for true adrenaline-seekers. Embark on a white knuckle desert safari ride in a four-wheeled drive. Hold tight as an experienced driver manoeuvres at high speed to rise and drop for a rollercoaster ride over sandy slopes. 

Head to the Big Red, Dubai’s most famous sand dune, and hop on a quad bike for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Navigate along the sandy dunes and stunning landscape for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Take surfing to a whole new level with sandboarding. Attach the snowboard-like contraption to your feet and lose yourself in the feeling of complete freedom as you glide (or roll!) down the golden dunes. 

If you prefer a more relaxed pace, you can slow things down with a camel ride at sunset or opt to take in your surroundings with a hot air balloon ride taking you above the dunes to view the beauty of the stunning landscape below.

If a day visit to the desert just isn’t enough, why not stay the night. From five-star luxury resorts complete with spas and infinity pools to pop-up desert camps with starry nights and cosy campfires, you will find a number of options nestled within the dunes guaranteed to provide a memorable stay, creating memories for a lifetime.

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