Owning A Tailored Suit From Walton & Sutherland

Every man should own a suit. Not just a suit, but a tailored suit. One that is perfectly fitted to the individual’s body and designed with their personal style in mind. Walton & Sutherland explains more...
Walton & Sutherland

Long gone are the days of wearing just a plain suit to a wedding, work or special occasion.

Men can now have fun with their suits, they can, and should, incorporate their personal style and most importantly, feel comfortable.

At Walton & Sutherland, we understand the importance of a well-fitting suit. It speaks a thousand words before any interactions, which is why our experienced tailors work alongside you to design a suit that encompasses your style and personality.

Once you have that suit, you’re covered for every celebration to come.

If you’ve got Christmas on the brain, a relative who is getting married or an upcoming birthday for which you just can’t think of a good gift idea, our new gift card service makes it easier than ever to treat your loved one with a present to last a lifetime.

It’s a piece that they can treasure for generations to come and a bespoke experience with a story to tell.

We have over 1,200 of the finest Italian wool fabrics, experienced tailors and a stylish boutique where their vision can come to life. Gifted by you.

Whether it’s for a special birthday, a graduation or the big day, it’s a gift that is quite literally about to go down in history.

For more information on our gift cards and Walton & Sutherland gifting, head to our website at waltonsutherland.com

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