Learning In A Post Covid World At Westfield School

Head of Westfield School, Mr Neil Walker talks to Luxe about the start of the new academic year...
Westfield School

“We are starting to build our post Covid world, a brand new normal. We have the chance to create new traditions, embrace new ways of doing things whilst maintaining the ethos of our founders over 60 years ago.

Westfield School“The school places great emphasis on combining academic excellence with educating the whole person. We remain committed to producing self-confident, happy and successful young ladies, international in their outlook and ready to face a world full of opportunity and adventure,” says Mr Walker.

The school will also be launching ‘Bright Start’, their exclusive 2 year, 25% fee remission package for girls joining in Year 1 to Year 6 this academic year (2021-2022). These years are when the foundations for all future learning are built, particularly in numeracy and literacy, and ‘Bright Start’ will help your daughter succeed in the future.

“Our small class sizes and personalised teaching mean that your daughter will always be our focus; fewer pupils in class means more individual attention from her teacher. Our creative curriculum, outdoor learning provision including Forest School, together with our proven remote learning strategy will help to rebuild your daughter’s confidence and make her school experience so much better.

“A happy child is more likely to reach her targets and achieve her goals. ‘Catch up’ should be about the whole child, not just cramming or extra tutoring. We will rebuild your daughter’s love for learning and make sure her future is determined by reaching her full potential, not limited by her experiences during lockdown,” he continues.

Book now for Westfield School’s Open Day on Saturday 2 October; this is a great opportunity to meet pupils and staff, take a tour of the whole site and find out more about what they can offer your daughter.

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