Makeup Bag Essentials For Beauty Lovers

Luxe rounds-up some of the must-have beauty essentials for your makeup bag...
Makeup Essentials

So, what are the essentials you need for your makeup bag? Whether you’re a newbie to the world of beauty or simply looking to update your go-to products, this question is one that many find themselves asking as they face the daunting task of navigating the beauty counters and the world of social media influencers.

With that in mind, Luxe offers some top tips on what to include in your makeup bag



The trick to applying flawless makeup is looking after the canvas. You need to make sure you are providing the perfect template on which to apply the beauty products. Healthy skin is happy skin and to achieve this, a proper skincare regime should be followed.

Cleaning your skin with a good cleanser morning and night is the first, most important step followed by applying a moisturiser that works for your skin.

With an abundance of must-have products on the market, it can be hard to know which skincare products you need to apply. Cleaning and moisturising are the two most important aspects and for some people, is more than enough to achieve healthy skin. For others, toners, oils and serums are also preferred.

Remember to include spf into your skincare routine to prevent sun damage.

Makeup Essentials


Brushes & sponges

The application of makeup is probably more important than the makeup itself. It is vital to invest in the right tools to apply your products.

Choosing the best brushes and sponges will protect the skin and make the best use of your lotions and potions. Buying cheaper products can be counterproductive as you will likely end up replacing them a lot more frequently.

Makeup Essentials


Concealer & foundations

Getting the base layer just right is one of the most important steps of applying makeup. Choosing the right foundation can take some time. It’s worth visiting the beauty brand counters you’re interested in, asking for a colour match and taking away a sample to try out.

Concealer is the holy grail product you eventually won’t be able to live without. Available in either liquid, stick or cream form, this magical product can be applied to areas and/or blemishes to help cover discolouration, spots and puffiness, as well as brightening up features such as the under eyes.

So, for beginners,  your foundation is used to cover the whole face and create a canvas whereas your concealer is used to conceal certain problem areas.

It is important to use these products sparingly as they can look caked on and appear clumpy. Make a small amount go a long way, you can always add more to build up your desired coverage.

Makeup Essentials



Your eyebrows frame your face and are hugely important to the look of your makeup.

Whether you like a minimalistic look or prefer something thicker and fluffier, there are tons of eyebrow products out there that will ensure your brows are full and flawless as well as helping to shape the brows to achieve your desired look.

Makeup Essentials


Eyes, lips, & cheeks

It is then time to add some definition to the features on your face.

Whether you go soft and natural or big and bold, eye makeup adds variation and helps to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Applying some bronzer along your cheekbones can help to create a structured look as well as giving those bronzed goddess vibes.

Next, if desired, add some blush to the apples of your cheeks for a splash of colour before using a highlighter to add a hint of sparkle and shine to your cupids bow, nose, under your brows and across the top of your cheekbone. All in all, this trio of products give you that flush of dewy youthfulness we all desire.

Similar to the eyes, adding a pop of colour to your lip can help to complete your makeup and tie the whole look together. From nudes and pinks to dark browns and deep reds – there’s a huge variety of brands, textures and colours out there to try out.

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