Mind, Body & Soul

The Importance Of Being In Touch With Your Mind, Body & Soul

What does the term ‘mind, body and soul’ bring up for you? To some it might be a memory of a heavenly full-body massage, or maybe it’s dipping your toes into a crystal blue warm ocean in the Med, or perhaps the joy of being around the BBQ with loved ones in the summer months.

For many of us, feeling completely aligned in the mind, body and soul is a rarity and it’s often only in fleeting experiences where we feel it.

I’m going to share with you some ways in which we can work with the mind, the body and the soul to help us experience moments of connection, peace and bliss in everyday life.


Our thoughts create our emotions – emotions create our behaviours – and behaviours create our reality.

Bringing awareness to our thoughts changes our reality. Choosing more positive, expansive thoughts means we can call in more of what lights us up. But how do we begin to make this shift?

Meditation is a wonderful way to work with the mind as it gives us an opportunity to notice thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are stopping us from feeling our best day-to-day.

There are lots of ways that you can meditate and it doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple way to meditate is to set a timer for five minutes, close your eyes and pay attention to your breath moving in and out. When a thought arises, come back to the breath. That’s it.

Mind, Body & Soul



The body is the vehicle that moves us through life. When the body is relaxed, open and full of vitality, we’re moving through life in an optimum state, rather than battling with a body that is exhausted, stressed and tense.

Find your way back to that optimum state regularly by moving your body for the love of it. Yoga, walking, swimming, dancing – whatever it is, doing it in celebration and appreciation of your body will, undoubtedly, bring you more things in your life to celebrate and appreciate.

Mind, Body & Soul



With the demands and responsibilities that come with life, it’s inevitable that we disconnect from our hearts.

Overthinking, worrying, comparing and controlling are common day-to-day experiences, but they show up because we’re not in touch with the part of us that is peaceful and unlimited – the heart.

Now, some of us find this one a bit cheesy and self-indulgent, but I want to challenge you to soften here if that’s coming up.

Part of reconnecting to your heart is to recognise that you are a human who loves, dreams and feels. When we drop out of our heads and into our hearts, that is when we can create more of what we want.

A great way to spend more time with your heart is to find connection in community with soul-like people who also want to live their life from a more heart-focused place.

Being in a soul nourished environment will open you up to new possibilities, inspiration and will be a permission slip to be fully you.

My hope is that just by reading this today, you feel more at peace and alive as you move through the rest of your day. Big love to you, Rebecca.

Mind, Body & Soul

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