How To Tackle Your Summer Sleep Pattern

Rebecca Dale helps us drift off to dreamtime with relaxing postures to help us sleep through the sunny seasons...
Summer Sleep Pattern

The longer days and lighter nights are something we all crave and look forward to as the sunny months set in. As we embrace the brighter and warmer way of living we become more open to what life has to offer.

One of the downfalls though, is that many of us come to experience sleep problems. As melatonin – the sleep hormone that is triggered by darkness – reduces, it can make it more difficult than ever for us to switch off and get a good night’s sleep.

The greatest, and often neglected, natural reset and recuperate remedy that we all have access to is sleep. It is critical in the rehabilitation process of, well, everything!

We humans need it and as sleep scientist Matthew Walker says: “Sleep is Mother Nature’s best effort yet to counter death.” In other words, sleep is what keeps us living – and living well.

In my continued personal research around yoga and wellness, I have become obsessed with sleep and how I, as a teacher, can use this knowledge to guide people into a state that prepares the body and mind for sleep.

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you some yoga poses that will encourage you into a more restful, relaxed and peaceful state so that you can have the blissful night’s sleep you deserve.

*Please note that if you are new to yoga, or you are ill, injured or pregnant, you should consult with your doctor before trying these poses. By choosing to do this you take full responsibility for any loss or injury incurred.

I recommend doing this after you have turned off screens for the night and are getting ready for sleep.


What you will need:

Comfortable PJs or loungewear

Two pillows

Night-time tea


Supported forward fold >>

– Bring your legs straight out in front of you

– Bend the knees and place a pillow underneath them

– Take another pillow and rest it on top of your thighs

– Allow the spine to naturally curve as you fold forward onto the pillow

– Breath deeply into the belly

– Stay here for 2-5 minutes

Summer Sleep Pattern


Waterfall/legs up the wall >>

– Lie on your back

– Bring your legs up into the air and place them onto a wall, sofa or bed, above your heart

– Close your eyes

– Breathe deeply into your belly

– Stay here for 2-5 minutes

Summer Sleep Pattern


Child’s pose >>

– Bring your toes together and knees out wide

– Place a pillow or two in front of you

– Lie down onto the pillows and close your eyes

– Breathe deeply in to the belly

– Stay here for 2-5 minutes

Summer Sleep Pattern


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