How to Create the Ultimate DIY Garden Bar

Here are five top tips for creating the ultimate DIY garden bar this summer...
DIY Garden Bar

Spending more time outdoors has been on the rise ever since the pandemic took the world by storm. As a result, more and more people are spending their time and money on building their own DIY bars and revamping their gardens.

With a helping hand from Lidget Compton, we’ve put together five top tips for creating the ultimate DIY garden bar this summer…


Use Weather Resistant Paint

If your outdoor building is constructed of wood, a good quality weather-resistant paint is a must. This will help protect against the elements, but also add a stylish look to the outside of the building.

To ensure a long-lasting finish, opt for a latex acrylic paint over standard vinyl acrylic as this will help prevent mould or peeling.

Experts also recommend choosing neutral tones as they are more likely to hide scratches and marks that can occur in outdoor spaces.

DIY Garden Bar


Install suitable lighting

Much like paint, lighting has the power to completely transform a room and set the mood, which is why it shouldn’t be an afterthought when planning your at-home bar.

When the sun sets, you don’t want to have to retreat inside, so think ahead and kit out your outdoor space with some suitable lighting.

Installing LED lights that are long-lasting, water-resistant and eco-friendly will be a great addition to your outdoor building. Available in a variety of colours, you can create different moods depending on the season, event and time of day. Win, win.

DIY Garden Bar


Insulate Walls

If you’re going to be converting an outdoor building, then it’s important to be aware of three fundamental points: regulating temperature, protecting fixtures and furniture, and reducing noise.

Experts recommend using insulation materials such as sheep’s wool for your outdoor building as it not only has great thermal qualities but is also a breathable material.

DIY Garden Bar


Install Clever Storage

No bar is complete without a display of your favourite food and drinks, however, it’s important to be conscious of the size of your building when planning your DIY bar.

Garages and sheds tend to be fairly small, so finding smart ways to create storage is key to a great space.

Installing high-rise, floating shelving that allows for plenty of storage yet causes minimal obstruction is the way to go.

Materials, such as timber and pine are perfect for this as they’re easy to cut and manipulate but strong enough to hold heavy bottles.

Utilising multi-use furniture is also a clever storage solution for small spaces. Hiding glasses or bottles within a seat or table means you can minimise clutter and keep your garden bar looking neat and tidy.

DIY Garden Bar


Add the Right Furniture

Even with insulation, outdoor buildings tend to be colder than your home due to a lack of heating and construction materials.

To help create warmth and regulate the temperature within your at-home bar, it’s a good idea to place insulating furniture, such as a sofa, a rug, cushions, or even a tapestry on the wall.

These can help recreate the comfy, yet stylish atmosphere found in bars and restaurants whilst adding warmth to the room.

DIY Garden Bar

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